Get Your Hadoop Analytics out of the Sandbox

Run Complex Analytics on Hadoop

Hadoop stores massive volumes of unstructured data, but performing analytics on Hadoop can be challenging. If you get the right set of SQL on Hadoop data analytics capabilities, you can dramatically reduce complexity and accelerate time to insight.

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Advanced Analytics

Gain full-functionality ANSI SQL capability, not a subset of commands. Run 100% of TPC-DS benchmark queries with no modification.

Platform Agnostic

Integrated with any distribution of Hadoop, including Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR.

Enterprise Ready

Install Vertica directly on your Apache Hadoop infrastructure with no helper nodes or single point of failure.

Data Access

Data query across Parquet, ORC, JSON, and many other formats.

How Does Hadoop Elevate Your Data Warehouse?

Enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) are growing in size and
complexity due to rapidly changing data requirements. Learn how the increase in data complexity and heightened demand for access from business stakeholders places a burden on EDWs to support increasing numbers of data consumers.

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One Query Engine to Serve It All

Learn how Vertica SQL on Apache Hadoop® offers the fastest and most enterprise-ready way to perform SQL queries on your Hadoop data. Read how we’ve leveraged our years of experience in Big Data analytics and opened up our platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster.

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Benchmarks prove you need an analytical database for Big Data

Learn just how fast and complete the Vertica SQL on Hadoop engine is. We put the TPC-DS benchmarks to the test with the two flavors of Vertica. We tested our solution against Impala, Hive on Tez, and Apache Spark. The results are shown in this white paper. When it comes to concurrency and analytical completeness in Hadoop, Vertica should be considered.

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Cloudera Certified

The Vertica for SQL on Apache Hadoop® engine is now certified on Cloudera CDH 5.5. You can now leverage the power of the mature, ACID-compliant Vertica engine on top of your Cloudera distribution. The solution installs directly on the CDH nodes and can boost query concurrency and performance.

Do You Buy Cars Without a Test Drive? Why Do It with Hadoop?

Take this Hadoop test drive and spin up a temporary Hadoop cluster cloud with Vertica and preloaded data. Drive it for four hours. Run some queries that you’ve been unable to execute with other SQL engines for Hadoop. We know you’ll like what you find.

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