Cloud Analytics Platform

Delivering Enterprise-Class Big Data Analytics on Your Choice of Cloud for Any Size Organization

With Vertica in the Clouds, you can immediately access high-performance, enterprise-class data analytics delivered at extreme scale without compromise. Packed with the most comprehensive set of features and functionality, Vertica manages massive amounts of data quickly and reliably to give you fast analytical insight. With Vertica, you can perform queries much faster than other analytical databases, without breaking your budget – on your choice of clouds.

Maximize cloud economics for mission-critical big data analytical initiatives

Rapid Deployment

Spin up Vertica cluster in minutes directly from Amazon Web Services Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Launcher

Elastic Scale

Innovative parallel processing and distributed architecture enables you to elastically scale your analytics by adding cloud instances on the fly.

Blazing Performance

A massively parallel approach to Big Data that makes the best use of all your nodes to deliver analytics.

Frictionless Interoperability

Supports standard SQL, ODBC and JDBC. Seamless integration with open source Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and 3rd party ETL, and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Considering AWS Redshift? Check out These Benchmarks First.

Data-driven organizations rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed to derive timely insights. This benchmark study focuses on the performance of cloud-enabled, enterprise-ready, relationally based, analytical workload solutions.


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Analytics platform built for the cloud

High performance, massively scalable and optimized analytics solution for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud:
  • Rapidly scale compute nodes and storage capacity to meet demanding workloads
  • Seamlessly provision and deploy Vertica nodes via the Management console
  • Derive meaningful insight in real time with built-in advanced analytics and machine learning
Analytics platform built for the cloud



Seamless integration with cloud object store and data lakes

Run SQL queries directly on massive scales of data for timely insights across data warehouse, Hadoop and S3
  • Analytics for cloud data-lake, without having to move and re-format data via direct querying of S3 and Hadoop data lakes
  • Perform JOINS across data warehouse, S3 and Hadoop
  • Rapidly load data to and from cloud object store such as S3 for accelerated insights
  • Reliable backups to S3 for rapid recovery and cloning of data

Eon Mode Beta: Separation of Compute and Storage

  • Challenge: Variable-demand workloads need to scale for peak demand, and reduce size during low activity
  • Solution: Separation of compute and storage so that compute can be reduced during low-demand periods
  • Benefits: Rapid elasticity, blazingly fast query performance, and reduced infrastructure spending. Now, Vertica v9.0.1  provides significantly improved throughput scaling over v9.