With complete freedom from underlying infrastructure, Vertica delivers on cloud flexibility like no other platform can.

More organizations are moving data to the cloud for improved economics and operational simplicity.

In the pursuit of these goals, organizations must not sacrifice long-term choice and analytic performance. Whether your organization is shifting all of its data to the cloud or taking a hybrid approach, Vertica provides the most performant analytical database with complete flexibility for on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments. Packed with the most comprehensive set of features and advanced analytics and machine learning functionality, Vertica brings blazing fast performance and elastic scalability to all major public clouds.

Blazing Performance

Gain insights into your data 50x faster or more. Consume, analyze and make informed business decisions at the speed of your business.

Maximum Cloud Economics

Provision compute and storage resources independently. Deploy Vertica in Eon Mode to maximize cloud economics for dynamic workloads.

Elastic Compute Scalability

Massively parallel processing and distributed architecture enables elastic scalability by adding compute instances on the fly.

Data Lake Integration

Run SQL queries directly against Apache Hadoop and Amazon S3 data lakes using External Tables, without moving data into Vertica.

Not just cloud: clouds


Vertica is available on all major public clouds using the same powerful, unified analytics engine – get started in minutes directly from AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, or Google Cloud Launcher.

Considering Snowflake for cloud analytics? Check out These Benchmarks First.

Data-driven organizations rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed to derive timely insights. This report benchmarks the performance of two cloud-optimized solutions architected for the separation of compute and storage, Vertica in Eon Mode and Snowflake Computing. See how Vertica in Eon Mode performed 40 times faster overall when simulating up to 20 concurrent users. 

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Two Modes.  One Engine.  Zero Limits.

Vertica offers two deployment modes for getting analytics up and running in the clouds. Both modes leverage one unified Vertica engine for the fastest performance at-scale with zero limits.

Enterprise Mode

Vertica in Enterprise Mode provides tightly coupled compute and storage resources for customers with a uniform workload and fixed performance expectations.


Eon Mode

Vertica in Eon Mode (available on AWS) enables the separation of compute and storage to capitalize on cloud economics and dynamic workloads by scaling compute resources independent of shared storage.


Vertica in Eon Mode

Vertica in Eon Mode delivers a cloud-optimized architecture that enables you to reduce costs by scaling infrastructure to meet peak demand when you need it, and then simply scaling back when you don’t.

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With Vertica in Eon Mode, cloud infrastructure costs are tied directly to dynamic workloads and business value:


Scale Infrastructure Linearly

  • Elastically scale your analytics by adding compute resources on the fly. As workload performance requirements increase, simply add additional compute resources during peak times, then scale back those resources when they’re no longer needed.

Isolate Analytic Workloads

  • Designate specific nodes as a sub-cluster to isolate workloads and support multi-tenancy. Designate compute resources to different teams, functions, and tasks to insulate specific workload performance from other sub-cluster activity.

Simplify Database Operations

  • Manage database operations through improved node recovery, superior workload balancing, and more rapid compute provisioning. Vertica in Eon Mode utilizes more durable shared storage compared to traditional data warehouse administration.

Hibernate Compute Nodes

  • Stop and start analytic workloads more efficiently by hibernating compute nodes when they’re not needed. Intermittent and one-off analytics jobs no longer consume expensive compute resources over long periods of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eon Mode Documentation

Technical White Paper

Through our benchmark testing, Vertica in Eon Mode has proven to deliver incredibly fast performance and rapid elasticity for dynamic analytical workloads. We anticipate meeting the growing demand for on-premise to cloud migrations as well as new analytical workload projects that will be best served through this new, cloud-optimized architecture.

  • - Rohit Amarnath, CTO and Founder, Full 360

Launching Vertica in the Clouds? Choose the pricing or deployment model that best fits your needs:

By the Hour

Purchase Vertica with usage-based, per-node hour pricing directly from AWS Marketplace. Vertica By the Hour includes free support and lets you get started immediately with no time commitments or license requirements.

Bring Your Own License

Vertica is available as a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model on AWS, Azure and GCP. BYOL let’s you transition your data analytics workloads from the clouds to on premise and back seamlessly.

External Tables

Want to analyze your data lake at an economically favorable price? Take advantage of the Vertica External Tables add-on to analyze all of your data in Parquet or ORC formats stored in Amazon S3.