Modernize your enterprise data warehouse with Vertica Analytics Platform

Vertica is the most advanced SQL database analytics portfolio built from the very first line of code to address the most demanding Big Data analytics initiatives.

Vertica delivers speed without compromise, scale without limits, and the broadest range of consumption and deployment models. The core, unified architecture supports all leading BI and visualization tools and works with your current ETL tools to empower your analytics. Vertica helps you derive more value from your Enterprise Data Warehouse and data lakes and get to market faster with your analytics initiatives.

Fast loading and querying

Ensures extremely high query concurrency, while simultaneously loading new data into the system. Use Flex Tables to query unstructured data in your system.

Advanced in-database analytics

Conduct the analytics computations closer to the data, and get immediate answers from a single place without the need to extract information to a separate environment for processing. Machine learning at scale as well as SQL, Python and R – it’s up to you.

Administration and management tools

Tune and control your queries with minimal administration using Vertica’s Database Designer and Administration Tools. Spend less time identifying performance problems and optimizing a database physical design.

Columnar design and data compression

Leverage columnar data storage for significant gains in performance, I/O, storage footprint, and efficiency.

MPP scale-out architecture

Vertica delivers a simple, yet highly robust and scalable MPP analytical database for the masses with linear scaling and native high availability on industry-standard hardware.

Works in your current ecosystem

With support for all leading BI and visualization tools, open source technologies like Apache Hadoop, Kafka and Spark, you can streamline the transition to Vertica to modernize your analytics ecosystem.

In-Database Machine Learning

With Vertica, there’s no need to maintain two different systems and thus two different storage locations for the same data to do both analytics and machine learning. Vertica offers speed at scale, even when concurrent users are performing analytics. Vertica supports both data scientists and SQL professionals with a single solution. Learn more in this webinar entitled “Introduction to Vertica In-database Machine Learning”.

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Which edition is right for you?

To ensure you get the best value for your use case, there are now two editions of Vertica – premium and express. With Premium Edition, there are no limits to features, nodes or data size. The Vertica Express Edition includes a subset of Premium Edition features, but is offered at an even more affordable price. For example, it includes all the basic features such as Workload Management, but does not include more advanced features like Live Aggregate Projections. See the table on the right for details.

Express Premium
MPP architecture
User function creation (UDx)
Standard SQL (ANSI 99)
Flex tables
Workload analyzer, DB designer, Management console
Elastic cluster
Query Hadoop data (Ext table size is counted against license capacity)
Advanced SQL analytics (time series, SQL windowing, gap filling, more)*
ROLAP SQL functions (Rollup, grouping sets, cube and pivot)
Machine Learning (linear regression, k-means, more)
Fault groups
Geospatial, R extensions
Column security
Live aggregate projections
Text Search
Key Value interface
Flattened Tables

Modernizing Your Data Warehouse for Cutting-Edge SQL Analytics

Is your aging data warehouse system running out of gas? Download this report and learn how you can easily update your data warehouse to handle more data and complex analytics without spending millions in additional capacity expansion costs.

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