Leveraging Cloud Object Store Technologies for On-premises Analytics

Posted March 11, 2021 by Steve Sarsfield, Vertica Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem

Today, we are pleased to announce that our team will now support Vertica in Eon Mode for Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage). Our developers have verified the combination. It addresses a new trend in analytics, namely the use of object store, both on-premises and in the clouds, as the primary storage medium. When you use object stores for your analytics, there are considerable benefits in operational simplicity and workload isolation. The combination helps to meet almost ANY cost/performance objectives you have.

Many organizations cannot move their data to public clouds for their analytics. There are a variety of reasons, including cost, security, latency and locality, and data governance reasons. The trend is for these big data workloads to be handled outside of the public clouds but still leveraging cloud technologies like S3. That’s the value that Vertica in Eon Mode and Dell ECS can offer.

My fellow Vertica bloggers have written much about Vertica in Eon Mode. To summarize, regardless of cloud or on-premises deployment, Eon Mode is one of the two ways to deploy Vertica. Use Eon Mode when variable workloads and rapid scaling are required. It simplifies database operations such as quick node recovery and enables workload isolation so that DBAs can protect the SLAs of one workload from the demands of another.

It embraces the concept of separation of compute and storage. Your data is in the object store (storage), while your compute nodes (compute) are separate and scalable to meet the current workload need.

Object store initially gained traction as customers deployed on the AWS cloud, but object store isn’t just for public cloud these days. Now, Vertica allows cloud and modern enterprise data centers to use Dell EMC ECS as the object store. The solution is a fully ACID compliant database that is performant and scalable. There are benefits from improved operational efficiencies, including scaling compute separately from storage.

Object Store Agnostic

The number of technologies that you can now use as your object store layer is growing! We’ve also qualified Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage, Scality, and MinIO. If you have HDFS volumes, you can use them for object stores, too. We are just getting started in providing even more choices, driven by customer demand.

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