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Steven Sarsfield

Vertica Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem

In addition to his years at Micro Focus, Steve has had thought leadership roles at Cambridge Sematics - AnzoGraph, Talend, Trillium Software and IBM. Steve's writings have produced a popular data governance blog, articles on and a book entitled the Data Governance Imperative. Steve continues to offer insight and opinion in the world of data governance and analytics.

Vertica for Time Series Analytics and IoT

When you want to make a prediction – stocking levels for items in your store, predicting energy usage so supply is ready, or being proactive about equipment failures – those predictions often rely on time-series data, a series of data points measuring the same signal or process through time. By analyzing that data, companies can...
Unified Analytics and Unified Storage Example

Unified Analytics and Unified Storage

How data analytics plus object store handles a classic problem Today, VAST Data announced a partnership and integration with Vertica. The partnership combines a popular and proven analytical database with a hot new up-and-coming object storage company. This relationship is meaningful for the future of analytics, because the future of analytics is hybrid clouds. Let...

Vertica Sponsors Charge Across America – A Cross Country Race for Electric Vehicles

Building on the successful partnership with Jaguar Racing, Vertica is sponsoring Charge Across America, a cross-country race of electric vehicles (EVs) that kicked off yesterday in New York City, on Halloween. Five teams of drivers are racing their EVs across the country over 10 days with a final stop in Los Angeles. This event is...

Leveraging Cloud Object Store Technologies for On-premises Analytics

Today, we are pleased to announce that our team will now support Vertica in Eon Mode for Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage). Our developers have verified the combination. It addresses a new trend in analytics, namely the use of object store, both on-premises and in the clouds, as the primary storage medium. When you...

Live Aggregate Projections with Vertica

The Dragline release of Vertica offers an exciting new feature that is unique in the world of big data analytics platforms. We now offer Live Aggregate projections as part of the platform. The impact is that you can really fly through certain types of big data analytics that typically grind down any analytics system.

Enter the FlexZone – Let’s talk ETL

In December, HP released version 7 of the Vertica analytics platform which includes, among others, a great new feature called Vertica Flex Zone (Flex Zone). Flex Zone enables you to quickly and easily load, explore and analyze some forms of semi-structured data. It eliminates the need for coding-intensive schemas to be defined or applied before...