Vertica named by InfoWorld as one of 8 databases supporting in-database machine learning

Posted February 22, 2021 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

A Feb. 17 article in InfoWorld names Vertica as one of eight analytical platforms that offer in-database machine learning “right where your data resides.” Authored by contributing editor and reviewer Martin Heller, the article validates two of Vertica’s long-held principles: flexibility in ML modeling and training, and the ability to analyze data without transmitting it to a central location.

“The ideal case for very large data sets is to build the model where the data already resides, so that no mass data transmission is needed,” Heller notes. He further indicates that not all vendors on his list support that capability.

Most of the big brand offerings on this list are managed services, solely based on public cloud deployment. Vertica runs on all the major cloud vendor offerings, but also supports on-premises and hybrid deployment models. Which means Vertica’s multi-cloud capabilities extend to the data center within a hybrid environment, or, with Vertica in Eon Mode’s cloud-optimized architecture, to on-prem environments through partnerships with object storage partners like Pure Storage, MinIO, Scality, and more.

Either way, Vertica offers teams total control over their data analytics capabilities.

“Vertica has a nice set of machine learning algorithms built-in, and can import TensorFlow and PMML models,” states Heller. “It can do prediction from imported models as well as its own models.” Vertica’s PMML support means that data scientists who have developed and trained ML models in external environments can import them for use directly in Vertica.

He also mention that Vertica “allows user-defined extensions programmed in C++, Java, Python, or R. You use SQL syntax for both training and inference.” This SQL syntax flexibility extends machine learning to a wider audience – those familiar with SQL queries, but not necessarily versed in other languages used by data scientists.

“We are delighted that InfoWorld has included Vertica as one of the top eight analytical platforms that support in-db ML,” says Jeff Healey, Senior Director of Vertica Marketing at Micro Focus. “This is a major endorsement of our position as a leading unified analytics platform that supports all deployment models. It further differentiates us with more analytical language support through PMML model import and more.”

See the full InfoWorld article here.