Constellation Research Report Finds Vertica 10 a Leading Choice

Posted September 14, 2020 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

A few pages into a new, detailed overview of Vertica 10, produced by Constellation Research, principle analyst Doug Henschen summarizes the top new capabilities of Vertica 10 like this:

In short, the Vertica team has steadily evolved the product to keep pace with the demands of organizations that seek to do the following:

  • Unify diverse data sources and data types, at scales ranging from tens of terabytes to the double-digit petabyte league.
  • Meet diverse analytical requirements spanning business intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning.
  • Unify deployments with flexibility and elasticity across hybrid environments, with options to run on bare metal and multiple public clouds.

If you are looking for an advanced data analytics platform, check out Vertica, starting with this comprehensive description of the industry’s first Unified Analytics Warehouse.

This new product overview, titled Vertica Solves Data Silo, Data Science & Hybrid-& Multicloud Challenges: Vertica in Eon Mode Taps Object Stores and Hadoop, Separates Compute and Storage Requirements offers a comprehensive description of Vertica’s essential capabilities, in the context of big data analytics capabilities available in today’s marketplace.

Henschen puts that marketplace in historical perspective – including the advent of column-store database design, and massively parallel processing (MPP) – with a keen sense of why these characteristics have had such a dramatic impact on analytics over the years. And he offers high praise for Vertica’s contributions along the lines of data analytics technology.

For years, Vertica has been the secret weapon for businesses that want high performance, require high concurrency, and need to handle extreme scale in their data analytics platform. Released earlier this year, Vertica 10 continues our tradition of delivering game-changing capabilities that keep data-driven businesses competitive, based on insights derived from actual data and based on the demands of forward looking Big Data practitioners. In fact, several of our long-term customers are showcased in this new report, including Bidtellect, Cerner, and Taboola. Each has helped us advance the technology based on their real-business needs and experiences.

We encourage you to give this brand new evaluation of Vertica 10 a thorough read, especially if you’re on the verge of a purchase decision. Or download and evaluate Vertica 10 today.