Vertica is in the G2 Leaders’ Corner… once again

Posted October 13, 2021 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

When it comes to technology, the business world doesn’t have time for popularity contests. Technology that doesn’t cut it falls by the wayside, and gets replaced with whatever helps a business achieve its goals. The Vertica team is happy to be part of our customers’ successes, whether we’ve helped them replace outmoded or poor-performing data analytics solutions, or gotten them off the ground with their first analytics projects.

I’m delighted to report that there are many solid reasons the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform was chosen for the leaders’ corner in G2’s latest grid for Data Warehouse solutions. G2 compiles and scores the input, but it’s what Vertica customers have said about us that put us so far ahead in the ranking.

As explained on its website, “G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.”

Let’s take a look at those two criteria.

  • The Satisfaction rating is based on “customer satisfaction with end-user product” as described in customer reviews. Not only is the number of reviews received factored into the scoring (which might lead you to believe this is just a popularity contest!), but the quality of those reviews matters. I.e., “reviews that are more thoroughly completed will be weighted more heavily.” Also, the more recent the review, the more heavily it is weighted. “All products with 5 or more reviews in the evaluation period and 10 or more reviews overall are included in this score.” Vertica received 108 reviews!
  • The Market Presence rating is based on “a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s user reviews, publicly available information, and third-party sources.” Metrics include things like number of employees, web presence, social presence, growth, and vendor age. As with the Satisfaction rating, Market Presence is scored relative to all sellers with 10 or more reviews.

If you’re curious, you can read more about how G2 arrives at its rankings. There’s a lot more that gets factored into the final scoring, more than I can delve into here. But of all the factors, what satisfies us the most are the comments from our customers. And this is an honest survey – G2 asks “What do you like best?” as well as “What do you dislike?” So we’re glad to see that Vertica customers are so engaged with the product that they share their ideas for improvements.

Keep those comments coming! Here’s one that caught my eye:

From “Long time, happy Vertica customer”

What do you like best?

Columnar storage makes for fast data access. Lots of storage on fewer nodes. Use of projections is an intuitive way to manage tables and help optimize queries. Great customer service, very responsive! Most importantly, they LISTEN to their customers! They are very responsive to problem inquiries, work closely with me and my fellow DBAs to figure out problem causes and solutions, and when an opportunity arises for a fix or an enhancement to the product, our combined solutions end up in the product for other users to benefit from! I have never had that experience with any other company.

What do you dislike?

It has taken a while for Vertica to come up to speed on getting their product to fully take advantage of all the benefits the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc) has to offer. But with their latest versions they are finally there!

Recommendations to others considering the product

Go through with a POC, it will open your eyes to the benefits Vertica will have on your system. And when working with competitors to do side by side comparisons, make them disclose what and how much hardware they are using to run the comparison queries against Vertica. It’s not always apples to apples, and it is not always disclosed unless you ask!

See the full report

You can find the full report from G2 here, including the G2 Grid for Data Warehouse vendors. In the “Select Grid View” feature at left, click on the “Trending” option and you’ll see Vertica in the top three vendors! Of course, you can always let us know how Vertica is helping with your own big data challenges. And if you’d like to write a review on G2, click on the “Write Review” tab on their main menu to get started.


Vertica’s Fall 2021 G2 Badges (shown up top)

Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report, as well as Leader-Asia Pacific, Leader – Mid-Market, and Leader Enterprise are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users. The Users Love Us badge is earned after collecting 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars. Our thanks to G2 and to G2’s reviewers for the recognition!