What’s New in Management Console 9.1

Posted August 24, 2018 by Linda Cotto

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This blog post was authored by Lisa Donaghue. In Vertica 9.1, Management Console (MC) introduces improved monitoring for external tables and HCatalog data, and the ability to revive Eon Mode databases in a new cluster. MC also includes management and monitoring capabilities for databases running in Eon Mode, a database mode previously in beta. Eon Mode is now live in Vertica 9.1.

Monitor External Data

You can use MC to view monitoring information about the tables in your Vertica database. Previously, MC could only provide information about internal Vertica tables. In Vertica 9.1, MC also detects and monitors any external tables and HCatalog data included in your database. To see table data visualized, take a look at the Table Utilization charts on the MC Activity page. The table information displayed now includes table types, as well as the table definitions of any external tables. The Storage View page also includes some changes. When MC detects that your database contains external tables or references HCatalog data, it displays an option to view more details about those tables.

Provision and Revive an Eon Mode Database

Management Console now provides the ability to revive an Eon Mode database. Eon Mode databases use AWS EC2 instances as compute nodes, while using AWS S3 as a persistent communal storage location. Because an Eon Mode database keeps an up-to-date version of its data and metadata in its communal storage location, you can shut down the database and later revive it in the same state. MC provides a step-by-step wizard that allows you to provision a new cluster and revive your Eon Mode database on it. The Provision and Revive wizard is provided through a deployment of Vertica and Management Console available on the AWS Marketplace. See the documentation for how to revive an Eon Mode database with Management Console.

Eon Mode Database Monitoring and Management

Starting with Vertica 9.0, MC has introduced a series of monitoring and management features while Eon Mode was in beta. With Eon Mode now live in Vertica 9.1, these features are all available for monitoring your Eon Mode database using the deployment of Vertica and Management Console available on the AWS Marketplace. Using MC, you can: • Provision a new cluster and new Eon Mode database using the MC Create Cluster wizard. • Perform AWS instance operations like stop, start, reboot and terminate on the whole cluster or individual instances, without switching to the AWS console. • View storage information for your database, including communal storage location and depot capacity. • Monitor your database’s shard and node subscription status with chart visualizations. • Monitor depot usage, settings, and queries on the Depot Activity page.