Vertica Presentation at the db tech showcase Tokyo 2017

Posted September 12, 2017 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

Modern Database Analytics
On September 5th, Kanako Obayashi from the Vertica Best Practices team presented at the db tech showcase Tokyo 2017, one of the largest database events in Japan. Kanako’s presentation was about Vertica advanced analytics, including machine learning and geospatial analysis. More than 50 people attended her session.

Kanako began her session by noting that more and more people are interested in the advanced analytics capabilities surround big data. Kanako explained Vertica core technologies, focusing on Column Orientation, Advanced Compression, Auto Database Design, MPP Massive Parallel Processing, Native High Availability and Standard SQL Interface.

Then, she went on to explain the machine learning topics, describing the benefits of using Vertica for predictive analytics. As soon as you install Vertica, you can begin using the machine learning functionality. You can also analyze large data sets on Vertica, so there is no need for downsampling. Kanako also delved into a Spark comparison and explained the in-memory architecture for the Vertica machine learning functions. To show how simple it is to implement machine learning analytics in Vertica, the demonstration used our test drive for predictive maintenance.

Next, she discussed geospatial analysis in Vertica, including several benefits – that you can use the geospatial functions right after they install Vertica and that you can analyze large data sets using Vertica. She introduced a sample analysis of potholes in the city of Boston and pointed to a related blog post about this data set.

In summary, Kanako concluded that Vertica enables users to analyze their data with simple queries and do this analysis quickly using Vertica core technologies. If you’re new to Vertica, you can also try it out by using our Community Edition. Kanako’s slides, written in Japanese, are available here.