Jump Start your BI Dashboard Development

Posted March 28, 2016 by BD_Partner_Eng

Do you develop BI dashboards for Vertica? Or would you like to give it a try?

To help you get started, the Vertica Partner Engineering team has created a set of QuickStart BI sample apps. You can download them for free on the Big Data Marketplace. If you just want to take a quick look, search for QuickStart on the Vertica Knowledge Base to watch a short video or read the documentation.
jumpstart3Vertica supports the kinds of business analytics that your users are asking for. Vertica, a column-store database, was designed from the ground up for big data. Verica can execute complex analytical queries on huge data sets with ease.

Vertica has many technology partners that deliver the power of Vertica to business analysts using sophisticated graphics and state-of-the-art UI design. With these complementary technologies, analysts gain new insights, extract actionable information, and perform predictive modeling on their data.

You can download the Community Edition of Vertica free of charge on my.vertica.com. You can set up the Community Edition on up to 3 nodes and manage up to 1TB of data. If you want more capacity, request an evaluation copy.


Currently we have QuickStart BI sample apps for these partner products. More are in the pipeline.

Vertica Partner QuickStart app QuickStart doc QuickStart video
Cognos Vertica QuickStart for Cognos documentation video
Logi Vertica QuickStart for Logi Info documentation video
Looker Vertica QuickStart for Looker documentation video
Pentaho Vertica QuickStart for Pentaho BI documentation video
Tableau Vertica QuickStart for Tableau documentation video
Qlik Vertica QuickStart for Qlik Sense

Vertica QuickStart for QlikView






If you’d like to request a specific QuickStart or if you have any other feedback for us, please contact us by clicking Ask the Developer on one of the QuickStart pages in the Big Data Marketplace. Or simply leave a comment on this blog.

Coming Next: ETL QuickStarts! In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a new suite of QuickStarts that demonstrate ETL tasks. Stay tuned!