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What’s New in Vertica 8.1?

Watch this video to learn what’s new in Vertica version 8.1. New features include: - flattened tables - supported platforms update - Management Console features - Kafka connectivity update - machine learning functions - rack locality - Geohash conversions - security upgrades - wide column data query improvement

What’s up with rejected data?

This blog post was authored by Kanti Mann. In a perfect world, any and all data you attempt to load into your database would seamlessly and accurately move from point A to point B. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Occasionally, data fails to load into its destination table, and you’ll probably want to know what...

Software Engineering Internships at Vertica: Make a Difference This Summer

Vertica is looking for summer interns in Cambridge, MA for 2017! Vertica is the leading Big Data analytics database, and our scale, performance, and simplicity are unparalleled in the industry. Vertica enables customers like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Zynga to solve Big Data problems at scale that they could not tackle otherwise. If you study...

DataGals Hosts a Hot Chocolate Discussion

Last week, DataGals?an Vertica employee resource group that encourages women in STEM?hosted a hot chocolate and discussion event open to all Microfocus employees.

Vertica Goes to UMass Amherst

Read this blog about Vertica's visit to the UMass Amherst Engineering and Technology Career Fair!

How to Load New Data and Modify Existing Data Simultaneously

Originally posted 8/27/2012 Many Vertica customers tell us “we have an OLTP workload” which is not Vertica's architectural sweet spot. However, when we dig into what they are actually doing, it often turns out that they are simply bulk loading mostly new data with some small number of updates to existing rows. In Vertica 6,...

The Right Tool for the Job: Using Apache Hadoop with Vertica for Big Data Analytics

I have an entrepreneur friend who used to carry a butter knife around.  He claimed this “almighty” tool was the only one he ever needed!  While the butter knife does serve a wide range of purposes (especially with a stretch of the imagination), in practice it doesn't’ always yield optimal results.  For example, as a...

Learn More From Your Data with Machine Learning Algorithms

NOTE: This article refers to Vertica 7.x and is considered outdated.  This article is more relevant to later Vertica versions. New in Vertica 7.2.2 is the Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics package. This analytics package allows you to use built-in machine learning algorithms on data in your Vertica database. Machine learning algorithms are extremely valuable in...