Aptus Data Labs Partnership with Vertica Provides Unified Data Lake Solutions

Posted March 15, 2021 by Hemendhira Muralidharan, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Big data analytics is driving the revolution in artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s AI applications are evolving faster than ever, transforming the way customers and enterprises do business and add value. According to IDC (2020), “software is the largest AI technology group delivering roughly 80% of all AI revenue. Most of the software revenue comes from AI Applications ($120.4 billion in 2020) with AI Software Platforms ($4.3 billion in 2020) delivering the reminder.”

Aptus Data Labs operates in this space. The company offers niche Big Data, Data Engineering, and Advanced Analytics business solutions and Consulting & Technical Services that cater to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries.

Its core AI solutions include AptPlan.ai (AI/ML based intelligent Supply Planning Solutions, demand forecasting, demand sensing), Saaransh.ai (solutions for digital data capture), and logistics scheduling and optimization solutions.

Aptus Data Labs and Vertica

Aptus Data Labs has been an OEM customer with Vertica for six plus years. Customers heavily depend on Aptus Data Labs’s solutions for Supply Chain Planning Solutions, Supply Chain Optimization and Analytics. Vertica’s fast performance and scalability allow Pharmaceutical, CPG/Retail, Manufacturing, Chemical, Distribution and other verticals to use Aptus Data Labs’s tools to help streamline their supply chain management processes.

Aptus Data Labs’s Aptplan.ai uses embedded Vertica and uses a common dataset to visualize, analyse, execute, and monetize business operations.

Vertica allows Aptus Data Labs’s solutions to support complex supply chain management analytics by providing the following advantages:

  1. Compression, encryption, late materialization – lesser hardware, faster data preparation, with improved security
  2. With Vertica deployed in Enterprise Mode, customers perform analytics on-premises or on any cloud
  3. With Vertica deployed in Eon Mode, customers gain elastic compute capability on cloud and on-premises (with PureStorage)
  4. Open integration with other software needed to complete solutions – ETL, data transportation like Kafka, data visualization – both open source and proprietary
  5. Vertica is agnostic regarding data type

Through Vertica, Aptus Data Labs is modernizing its customer data platform by boosting the performance, reducing data processing time, reducing IT costs, enhancing analytics and reporting activities, and helping clients handle large data volumes at ease.