Build real-time streaming and micro-batch processing applications with HPE Vertica and open source software

Fast Data Pipeline

Exploit Apache Kafka as the industry standard message bus for moving big data streams from multiple data sources into HPE Vertica for analytics and moving aggregate data from HPE Vertica into other systems.
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In-Database Analytics

Extract, transform and load streaming data with Apache Spark and other open source solutions to analyze data at scale with HPE Vertica advanced in-database analytics.
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Data Lake Analytics

HPE Vertica enables fast insight from Hadoop data lakes. HPE Vertica provides flexibility of loading data from Hadoop or leave data behind to run SQL join operations across Hadoop and Vertica data sets.
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Empowerment with Integration and Interoperability

Partner Integration

HPE Vertica has a very vibrant ecosystem of partners for ETL, Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization. It tightly integrates with leading BI and visualization solutions, such as Tableau, Looker, QlikView, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, and others and so does with all popular ETL tools like Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, Attunity, and more. Learn more on partner integration via the Big Data marketplace.

Connectivity and SDKs

HPE Vertica supports popular SQL, and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)/Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), preserving investment in SQL programming tools and languages. HPE Vertica includes a SDKs that support C++, Java, R, and Python languages, enabling users to create custom machine learning, data mining, data loading and specialized parsing functions.

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Machine Learning

Unlock machine learning for the new speed and scale of business

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In-database Machine Learning

Keep up with the new speed and scale of business

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In the Clouds

HPE Vertica in the Clouds

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On Premise

HPE Vertica Enterprise

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On Hadoop

Get Your Hadoop Analytics out of the Sandbox

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