Unlock the Potential of Machine Learning in Vertica with Qwak: Optimizing Data and MLOPs

Posted June 26, 2023 by Amrita Akshay, Information Developer

Vertica by opentext logo, a plus sign, and Qwak logo on a blue background

Leverage the best of both worlds, with Vertica and Qwak integration!

Vertica’s high-performance analytics and in-database machine learning combined with Qwak’s MLOps capabilities provide a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to operationalize their machine learning models at scale.

VerticaPy is a Python library that leverages Vertica’s machine learning capabilities.

Qwak, a powerful machine learning engineering platform, enables you to effortlessly manage, deploy, monitor, and optimize the entire machine learning lifecycle in production. Qwak’s automation features handle various recurring actions in the MLOps lifecycle, such as model versioning, continuous integration and deployment, model performance monitoring, and automatic retraining.

Seamlessly connect with Vertica’s scalable architecture to analyze vast datasets and extract valuable insights, while Qwak ensures that your models are continuously monitored and optimized, and deliver maximum value.

Explore the solution guide and watch the video tutorial here:

End-to-End Machine Learning Solution with Vertica and Qwak Using VerticaPy