Monitoring Metrics Using Vertica Prometheus and Vertica Grafana DataSource Plugins

Posted May 4, 2023 by Amrita Akshay, Information Developer

Vertica by opentext, logo with a plus sigh and Prometheus and GrafanaLabs logo seperated by a pipe symbol with a white background.

Announcing an end-to-end solution to monitor your Vertica metrics! This solution provides a detailed overview of the open-source Grafana Data Source Plugin and Vertica Prometheus Exporter. It explains how you can use these plugins individually to track your metrics in Grafana or use them together based on your requirement.

This solution covers

• Grafana Data Source Plugin for ad-hoc visualization of Vertica metrics and/or data in Grafana.
• Vertica Prometheus Exporter with the Grafana Prometheus Plugin to use predefined queries to visualize Vertica metrics and/or data in Grafana.
• Combination of the Plugins to render data in Grafana’s unified dashboard.

To read more about the solution, see Solution Guide: Monitoring Solution with Vertica and Prometheus Using Grafana

Check out this video for a sample solution