How to Quickly Install Vertica on Large Clusters

Posted December 19, 2022 by Sruthi Anumula, Senior Database Support Engineer

Vertica 12.0.2 introduces a new feature that allows you to install Vertica in parallel on all hosts rather than one at a time as in earlier releases. This reduces the installation time in large clusters.

To use this feature, run the –parallel-no-prompts flag with the install_vertica command. This flag can be used only when passwordless SSH is enabled between the hosts.


First, run the RPM package installer using

sudo rpm -Uvh vertica-12.0.2-0.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm

Now run install_vertica using –parallel-no-prompts. In order to get this flag working and reduce the install time, you can either ‘–ssh-password’ or ‘–ssh-identity’ to the command or install_vertica will fail.

[root@node1 dbadmin]# sudo /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica -s node1,node2,node3 -r vertica-12.0.2-0.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm  --parallel-no-prompts --ssh-password ''
Vertica Analytic Database 12.0.2-0 Installation Tool

>> Validating options...
Mapping hostnames in --hosts (-s) to addresses...

>> Starting installation tasks.
>> Getting system information for cluster (this may take a while)...

Default shell on nodes:
node1 /bin/bash
node2 /bin/bash
node3 /bin/bash

>> Validating software versions (rpm or deb)...

warning: /home/dbadmin/vertica-12.0.2-0.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID f54b82a0: NOKEY

>> Beginning new cluster creation...

successfully backed up admintools.conf on

>> Installing software (rpm or deb)...

Installing rpm in parallel on 2 hosts....
installing on:  ['node2', 'node3']
Begin package installation on ['node2', 'node3']
End package installation on ['node2', 'node3'] Package installation validated Package installation validated

The italicized commands above indicate that parallel rpm installation is in progress. The installation is completed in 1 minute as opposed to 2 minutes with serial installation. The higher the number of nodes, lesser the time it takes to complete installation with the parallel installation option.

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