New Vertica Accelerator course puts your SaaS-based data analytics to work, fast

Posted December 20, 2021 by Mark Whalley, Manager, Vertica Education

We’re happy to announce a new addition to Vertica Academy’s array of free, self-paced courses designed to put you in the driver’s seat with your data analytics initiatives. The all-new Vertica Accelerator Quick Start course has gone live today on Vertica Academy.

If you’re looking for a fast track to highly performant data analytics, and prefer not to do the configuration yourself, Vertica Accelerator is the way to go. It’s the new SaaS-based option for Vertica, and it delivers a unified, high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform with automated cloud setup, administration, and management.

You can try it for free. But that’s not all…

The new Vertica Accelerator Quick Start course will get you up and running with all this advanced analytics capability in the blink of an eye. This FREE course can be found on the course catalog, either by scrolling through the available classes, by clicking on “newest”, or searching on the term “Accelerator.” Or you can use this quick link to go straight there.

This 10-module course covers all the essentials for our new Vertica-as-a-Service offering, including:

  • Introduction to Vertica Accelerator
  • Creating the database
  • Connecting applications to a subcluster of your database
  • Subcluster overview
  • Automation
  • Database and subcluster management
  • Backup and restore
  • Monitoring
  • And more, including a Knowledge Check with 60 questions randomly picked from a pool of 100

Successful completion of the course (and getting 80+% on the Knowledge Check) earns you a Certificate.

I want to thank all of our beta course testers for the feedback, which we’ve incorporated into the course contents wherever possible.

I hope you’ll check out all the amazing free courses at Vertica Academy. All you have to do is sign up for the Vertica Academy, and join the 6,500+ Vertica users who’ve enjoyed this free learning resource for the past two years. It’s the easiest way to get started with Vertica, and begin taking advantage of this product’s superior technology.