Vertica Engineers Go Deep at Vertica BDC – Last Chance to Register!

Posted March 30, 2020 by Paige Roberts, Vertica Open Source Relations Manager

Happy engineer with wide arms and graphs floating above him

I have had the privilege over the last few weeks to work with the Vertica engineering team as they developed, practiced and polished their presentations for the virtual Vertica Big Data Conference. Years back, I was an engineer, and spent the vast majority of my days alone in an office writing, compiling and testing code. It’s satisfying, but if you want to chat about it with your family and friends, you often get glazed eyes and blank looks. This is the one event where Vertica engineers get to show off a bit to an audience that is as excited as they are about the latest developments in high scale, high performance analytics.

If you’re wondering about what’s happening on the cutting edge of data analysis, register for the BDC, and learn straight from the people who wrote the code. This is your chance to hear what new, cool things they’ve built, and why and how you can put those new innovative features to use. Plus, in place of the in-person developer’s lounge, the engineers will be on the Vertica BDC forums waiting to talk shop and answer your tough technical questions.

Here’s a taste of what you can learn:

  • Chuck Bear, Vertica Chief Architect, talks about plans to merge Eon and Enterprise mode and other exciting future directions.
  • Bavik Ghandi and Natalia Stavisky walk you through how to troubleshoot slow queries, or spin up a sub-cluster with a few mouse clicks in Management Console.
  • Ryan Roelke dives into the architecture that drives Vertica performance.
  • Chris Morris and Fenic Fawkes introduce you to all the options for keeping your Vertica data secure, and Rich Gaston dives into the added level of security from Voltage Securedata that lets you analyze without ever unencrypting.
  • George Larionov tells you a thing or two about putting Tensorflow models into production with Vertica.
  • Yuanzhe Bei and Dave Sprogis give you the inside scoop on some exciting new Eon Mode developments.

And that’s just a few of the engineering-led talks.

All the BDC 2020 presentations will be broadcast live March 31 and April 1. You can’t attend them all live, since some of the tracks are simultaneous, so your registration includes access to the recorded versions. You won’t miss a thing.

Like complex data type support, in-database data preparation for machine learning, open source initiatives, … And that’s not even including the Best Practices sessions, keynotes, and great presentations from Vertica customers like Uber, Zebrium, Domo …

Don’t miss your last chance to register!

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