Vertica Version 10 Launches Today!

Posted March 31, 2020 by Paige Roberts, Vertica Open Source Relations Manager

Heavy rocket blasting above the clouds

There’s big news today, on the first day of the Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 – a major new version of Vertica blasts off! Vertica version 10 soars straight into the greatest deployment flexibility of any analytical data warehouse on the market. This fast and extremely scalable platform gives you more power than ever to get industry-changing analytics, including even more advanced machine learning. It will get you into production fast where all that data can boost your business into the stratosphere.

Freedom is the theme for this release —  the freedom to blast off and reach new heights without restrictions on deployment or performance at scale. Every new feature provides the freedom to do something that wasn’t possible before.

Freedom to deploy wherever and however you want:

  • Vertica in Eon Mode support for Google Cloud Platform – The improved Management Console provides the ease of wizard-based configuration and speed of pre-configured deployment to get you up and running in 15 minutes on AWS and now Google Cloud Platform for Vertica in Eon Mode.
  • Vertica in Eon Mode support for HDFS – In addition to Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage and MinIO, Vertica in Eon Mode now supports HDFS communal storage for additional on-premises deployment support with a durable master copy of ROS files on HDFS. This extends Vertica’s deployment flexibility as the only analytical data warehouse that separates compute from storage for both on-premises data centers and multiple public clouds.
  • Straightforward migration from Vertica in Enterprise Mode to Vertica in Eon Mode – This new capability backs up data, and migrates your data catalog to Vertica in Eon Mode. Revive the database in Vertica in Eon Mode the migration is complete.

Deploy in hybrid, multi-cloud, S3 on-prem. Avoid vendor lock-in and take advantage of whatever makes the most sense for your business, both today and in the future. With Vertica 10, you have complete freedom from infrastructure lock-in.

Eon Mode Deployment options

(Software product roadmaps indicate Micro Focus’ directional intention at a point in time in an evolving environment. This roadmap is subject to change and is therefore not a commitment or representation by Micro Focus to develop, modify, market or deliver a software product, code or functionality, or to meet any specific timetable.)

Freedom to operationalize machine learning where it makes the most sense:

  • Export PMML – Train models on Vertica parallel algorithms, then score them elsewhere.
  • Tensorflow integration – Train Tensorflow neural networks on GPU’s, then put them to work in production Vertica environment.
  • Import PMML – Train models elsewhere in framework of your choice – Python, Spark, SPSS, TensorFlow, even your own custom models — then put them to work in Vertica.
  • Manage models inside the Vertica database, just like tables, right alongside data.
In-Database machine Learning

Freedom to isolate workloads and spin compute power up and down as needed in the Management Console, a point-and-click interface:

  • Depot flexibility – Assess the efficiency of your Depot, too large, too small or just right and pin the data that matters most.
  • Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage enhancements – Monitor and administer your Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage FlashBlade deployment.
  • Subcluster management– Create them, drop them, start them stop them.
  • Even more flexibility – Hibernate and restore entire databases.
Subclusters with workload isolation

Freedom to move data from platform to platform, unify data sets and query across disparate systems (Your data is no longer trapped in systems like BigQuery or Hadoop):

  • Analyze complex data types – Maps, Arrays and Structs – in Parquet on S3 or HDFS.
  • Store data in arrays in Vertica native ROS format – one-dimensional arrays of primitive types.
  • Store data in in-lined arrays in ROS – an array that contains a nested array, aka multi-dimensional array.
Complex Types

Freedom from concern about data breaches and compliance issues:

  • Simpler TLS certificate administration.
  • Improved LDAP link for better user authentication.
  • Kerberos support added to vertica-python open source interface.
Kerberos Auth diagram

Freedom to do it all with even faster performance:

  • Improved query performance on virtual machines.
  • Next-gen Database Designer reduces resource usage by orders of magnitude, and optimizes projection design for consistently faster queries.
  • Improved Kafka scheduler for better default performance.
  • Workload analyzer in Management Console targets query performance problems and automatically runs recommended fixes.

And, would you believe these are just the highlights? With Vertica 10, your analytics will take off and blaze through business problems.

Get a deep dive at the Virtual Vertica Big Data Conference 2020 and join thousands of your peers.

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