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In over two decades in the data management industry, I have worked as an engineer, a trainer, a marketer, a product manager, and a consultant. Contributor to O'Reilly's 97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know. Now, I promote understanding of Vertica, MPP data processing, open source, high scale data engineering, and how the analytics revolution is changing the world.

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Vertica One on One with Davin Potts, CEO Appliomics, Founder KNIME, Core Python Committer

One on One with Davin Potts: 1. On Becoming a Core Python Committer and the Tools Used to Build Data Science

At the recent Data Day Texas event, I sat down with Davin Potts and had a long conversation about a wide variety of subjects. I divided the conversation into multiple chunks by subject, and will post them up one subject at a time. In this first post, we discussed the wide variety of programming languages...
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Data Day Texas: Keep Your Architecture Open and Avoid Mindset Lock-in

Data Day Texas is an event in Austin that was started about nine years ago by an old acquaintance of mine, Lynn Bender, who founded Global DataGeeks. The one big theme that struck me this year as running through the whole conference was the highly cooperative landscape that has developed between proprietary and open source...
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Don’t Get Stuck With a Technology Dinosaur

Unless you have been hiding out in Jurassic Park, you’ve probably heard that most of the IBM PureData System models, aka Netezza, are going the way of the dinosaur this summer. With the announcement of the end of support for one of the first data warehouse appliances, it’s time to look at where to go...
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What You Never Knew About Vertica Could Surprise You

I just started working on the Vertica team. As the “new guy,” my first few weeks of work have been largely about cramming as much Vertica information into my brain as possible in the shortest time possible. That’s my favorite part of working in the big data analysis world. You always have to keep learning....