DX Radio Episode 3: Climate Corporation and Digital Agriculture

Posted October 29, 2020 by Paige Roberts, Vertica Open Source Relations Manager

I have the honor of hosting the latest episode of DX Radio. It features The Climate Corporation’s Daniel McCaffrey, Vice president of Data and Analytics, and Erich Hochmuth, Big Data Architect Engineer, as they explore the digital transformation of farming.

While the manufacturing and service industries have dominated the digital transformation discussion, farmers have been part of the data analytics technology revolution as well. Helping farmers harvest massive amounts of field data, Climate Corp. is leveraging machine learning data analytics and artificial intelligence to produce personalized recommendations to help farmers optimize crop yields to feed the increasing population of the world, even as the amount of farmable land globally shrinks.

The smart farm’s foundation is powered by innovations like sensor networks, drones, and satellite imaging. Climate Corporation is putting cloud applications right into tractors to help farmers minimize disruption from global environmental shifts and devastating localized weather events, and maximize the amount of food they can grow on every acre.

The Climate Corp helps with decisions about seed, planting time, fertilizer, and dozens of other decisions every farmer makes every year, enhancing digital agriculture to feed the world. Tune in to learn how Climate Corp is cultivating big-data fields and providing digital tools to help farmers make critical and sustainable decisions.

To learn more about the digital transformation journey, listen to DX Radio.


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