Displaying the Administration Tools Process ID: Quick Tip

Posted October 3, 2018 by Phil Molea, Sr. Information Developer, Vertica

Jim Knicely authored this post.

From within vsql you can run the Linux ps command to display the Administration Tools process on the local node. However, it’s a lot easier to use the GETPID function.

Example: dbadmin=> \! ps -C vertica -o pid PID 233418 dbadmin=> SELECT getpid(); getpid -------- 233418 (1 row) dbadmin=> SELECT 'The Administration Tools process ID on node ' || local_node_name() || ' is ' || getpid() || '!' "Good 2 Know"; Good 2 Know --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Administration Tools process ID on node v_test_db_node0001 is 233418! (1 row) Helpful link:


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