Unleash the Power of Data Science with Vertica and Domino Data Lab

Posted November 30, 2022 by Amrita Akshay, Information Developer

Vertica plus Domino Data Lab logos

Introducing an end-to-end machine learning solution with Vertica and Domino Data Lab that enables you to explore, analyze, and model your data in Vertica using VerticaPy.

Domino Data Lab is a data science platform to build and deploy machine learning models, monitor performance, and collaborate with one another.

VerticaPy is a Python library to perform data science operations in Vertica.

This solution simplifies collaboration on data science projects and allows you to perform in-database machine learning in Vertica. You can now easily connect Domino Data Lab to Vertica using VerticaPy. Build and train your model and share the models within your organization!

Using Vertica’s analytics and machine learning algorithms, you can optimize your models for efficiency and identify trends. Let us walk you through how you can successfully perform all your data science operations in Vertica while using Domino’s in-built Jupyter notebook. See, End-to-End Machine Learning Solution with Vertica and Domino Data Lab Using VerticaPy.