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What’s the Distance Between Two Zip Codes? Quick Tip

Vertica has a built-in function called DISTANCEV which returns the distance (in kilometers) between two points using the Vincenty formula. Because the Vincenty formula includes the parameters of the WGS-84 ellipsoid model, you need not specify a radius of curvature. You specify the latitude and longitude of both the starting point and the ending point....
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What You Never Knew About Vertica Could Surprise You

I just started working on the Vertica team. As the “new guy,” my first few weeks of work have been largely about cramming as much Vertica information into my brain as possible in the shortest time possible. That’s my favorite part of working in the big data analysis world. You always have to keep learning....
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Thanks, Google!

This week began with a compliment from Google that made me so proud on behalf of Vertica! On Wednesday, July 25, at the with two algorithms – linear and logistic regression – and also confirmed that these new machine learning functions could be accessed using standard SQL via Google BigQuery, opening the door for database...
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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Metering

Every month, my husband receives a driver’s report from Chevrolet, providing him with “feedback” on his driving behavior – everything from the intensity of his braking to the number of lane changes without a blinker to the distance and speed he drove in his Silverado truck. The report also provides specific details on the upcoming...

Using Vertica Machine Learning to Analyze Smart Meter Data

Machine learning and data science have the potential to transform businesses because of their ability to deliver non-obvious, valuable insights from massive amounts of data. However, many data scientist's workflows are hindered by computational constraints, especially when working with very large data sets. While most real-world data science workflows require more than multiple cores on...

Using Big Data Analytical Tools for Predicting Potential Global Distribution of an Amphibian Pathogen

During the summer of 2015, I participated in an internship program with Vertica. Most interns assisted in software development, but my primary goal was to use Vertica, Vertica Place, and HP Distributed R to address an ecological problem