Management Console

What’s New in Management Console 9.0.1

This blog post was authored by Lisa Donaghue. Vertica 9.0.1 introduces Management Console (MC) improvements to cloud monitoring. Tag AWS Instances Management Console with Provisioning, available on the AWS Marketplace, includes a Cluster Creation wizard to provision databases on AWS resources. With Vertica 9.0.1, you can tag instances as you create them through the Cluster […]

Vertica AWS Eon Mode Beta Provisioning with Management Console

This blog post was co-authored by Michael Hua and Soniya Shah. As of Vertica 9.0.x, you can operate your database in Eon Mode Beta. Doing this separates the computational processes from the storage layer of your database, enabling rapid scaling of resources to accommodate variable workloads. This post describes how you can provision a Vertica […]

What’s New in Management Console 9.0

This blog post was authored by Lisa Donaghue. In Vertica 9.0, Management Console (MC) provides tools to provision and manage clusters and databases on an AWS environment. You can get started easily with a guided Cluster Creation wizard on AWS. The new Fast Tasks page introduces new users to a few fundamental MC tasks to […]

What’s New in Management Console 8.1

Vertica 8.1 introduced new monitoring and usability enhancements to Management Console (MC). MC now provides the ability to easily monitor catalog memory and configure Workload Analyzer. You’ll also find usability improvements to cluster creation and setup for Extended Monitoring. Watch our short video about What’s New In MC in Vertica 8.1: Read on to learn […]