What’s New in Management Console 9.0.1

Posted January 25, 2018 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

Database Server Room
This blog post was authored by Lisa Donaghue.

Vertica 9.0.1 introduces Management Console (MC) improvements to cloud monitoring.

Tag AWS Instances

Management Console with Provisioning, available on the AWS Marketplace, includes a Cluster Creation wizard to provision databases on AWS resources. With Vertica 9.0.1, you can tag instances as you create them through the Cluster Creation wizard.

Tagging assigns metadata to the instance for easier resource management. For example, tags can indicate an instance’s owner and purpose.

Depot Monitoring Enhancements for Eon Mode Beta

When you monitor a database in Eon Mode Beta, you can view details in MC about the depot, where your database stores local copies of your communal storage data for faster querying.

The Depot Activity page now lists information about your overall depot usage, in the Current Depot Usage section. Previously, this section listed depot storage information by node—you can now click View More to see this information, which is available in more detail on the Storage View page in MC.