Eon Mode

Elastic Throughput Scaling: Overview

Manvendra Panwar authored this post. Elastic Throughput Scaling (ETS) enables Vertica to increase concurrency through which we can achieve higher throughput. ETS can take advantage of redundant shard subscriptions to automatically identify the nodes in the cluster that can execute a query. More Nodes (N) than Shards (S): Achieving higher throughput • S nodes can […]

What You Never Knew About Vertica Could Surprise You

I just started working on the Vertica team. As the “new guy,” my first few weeks of work have been largely about cramming as much Vertica information into my brain as possible in the shortest time possible. I’ve been aware of the Vertica Analytics Platform for a while. I used to work for a competitor. […]

Query Execution in Eon Mode

This blog post was authored by Ben Vandiver. How Vertica distributes query processing across the cluster in Eon mode is a complex topic that is best illustrated through a concrete example. As part of this post, we’ll start with a simple data load and walk through metadata storage and query execution. To begin, we need […]

Loading in Eon Mode

This blog was co-authored by Yuanzhe Bei, Ryan Roelke, Amin Saeidi, Soniya Shah, and Natalia Stavisky. This blog was updated in July 2018. Overview As of Vertica 9.1.x, you can operate your database in Eon Mode. Eon Mode separates the computational processes from the storage layer of your database. Deployment of Eon Mode is limited […]

Vertica AWS Eon Mode Beta Provisioning with Management Console

This blog post was co-authored by Michael Hua and Soniya Shah. As of Vertica 9.0.x, you can operate your database in Eon Mode Beta. Doing this separates the computational processes from the storage layer of your database, enabling rapid scaling of resources to accommodate variable workloads. This post describes how you can provision a Vertica […]

Eon Mode Beta Overview in 9.0.1

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. What is Eon Mode Beta? In Vertica 9.0.1, Eon Mode Beta, the separation of compute and storage, continues on Amazon Web Services S3. Eon Mode Beta was introduced in Vertica 9.0 to capitalize on cloud economics, while still enjoying the fast query processing for which Vertica is […]