What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Hierarchical Partitioning

This blog post was authored by Michael Kronenberg. With Vertica 9.0, you can consolidate partitions into groups that minimize use of ROS storage. Reducing the number of ROS containers to store partitioned data helps facilitate DML operations such as DELETE and UPDATE, and avoid ROS pushback. For example, you can group date partitions by year. […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: The UUID Data Type

This blog post was authored by Gary Gray. Vertica version 9.0 adds Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) to its collection of data types. Accompanying this new data type are updates to the client libraries and a new function to help you use UUIDs in your database. As its name implies, computers use UUIDs to uniquely identify […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Google Cloud Platform

This blog post was authored by Chris Daly. Announcing Vertica availability in Google Cloud Platform With the release of Vertica 9.0, the team at Micro Focus has brought you a ton of new updates and enhancements that are certainly worthy of getting excited about! If you haven’t had a chance, you should check out the […]

What’s New in Management Console 9.0

This blog post was authored by Lisa Donaghue. In Vertica 9.0, Management Console (MC) provides tools to provision and manage clusters and databases on an AWS environment. You can get started easily with a guided Cluster Creation wizard on AWS. The new Fast Tasks page introduces new users to a few fundamental MC tasks to […]

Machine Learning Mondays: Vertica 9.0 Cheat Sheet

This blog post was authored by Vincent Xu. Vertica 9.0 is out and here is the updated Vertica machine learning cheat sheet. Vertica 9.0 introduces a slew of new machine learning features including one-hot encoding, Lasso regression, cross validation, model import/export, and many more. See the cheat sheet for examples of how to use the […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Machine Learning Enhancements

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. Vertica 9.0 introduces new functionality that continues to match our goals for fast-paced development of the existing machine learning functions. In this release, we introduce two new summary functions, support for cross validation, support for one hot encoding, and the ability to import and export your models […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Reading Parquet and ORC from S3

This blog post was authored by Monica Cellio. Parquet and ORC are widely-used Hadoop columnar file formats. Because these formats are columnar, they perform extremely well when queried as external tables in Vertica. Vertica queries implement column selection, predicate pushdown, and partition pruning. Vertica has supported reading Parquet and ORC data from HDFS or from […]

Vertica 9

This blog post was authored by Steve Sarsfield. The Vertica development team has just released Version 9.0. With every major release it gives me time to not only look back and see what was developed this cycle, but a look at the entire timeline. I joined the Vertica team about 4 years ago in the […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Eon Mode Beta

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. What is Eon Mode Beta? With Vertica 9.0, you can run Vertica in Eon Mode Beta, using Amazon Web Services to capitalize on cloud economics while still enjoying the fast query processing for which Vertica is known. Running Vertica in Eon Mode Beta separates the computational processes […]

What’s New in Vertica 9.0?

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. In Vertica 9.0, we introduce new functionality including: • Eon Mode Beta • Supported Platform Updates • Machine Learning Enhancements • Apache Hadoop Integration Updates • Partition Grouping and Hierarchical Partitioning • Browsing S3 Data Using External Tables • Support for the UUID Data Type Eon Mode […]