Vertica Sponsors Charge Across America – A Cross Country Race for Electric Vehicles

Posted November 1, 2021 by Steve Sarsfield, Vertica Senior Product Marketing Manager – Partner Ecosystem

Building on the successful partnership with Jaguar Racing, Vertica is sponsoring Charge Across America, a cross-country race of electric vehicles (EVs) that kicked off yesterday in New York City, on Halloween. Five teams of drivers are racing their EVs across the country over 10 days with a final stop in Los Angeles. This event is designed to showcase the latest EV technology and to spread awareness about the groundbreaking innovations and capabilities.

Charge Across America is a unique “rally-format” road trip spanning quite a long distance and presenting a variety of challenges for the drivers – route navigation, fatigue, unpredictable weather, and more. And given that the cars are EVs, there’s also the challenge of finding charging locations and getting creative with how to optimize battery life.

How do you tune in?

The event will ultimately be aired as a one-hour documentary on a major network. But if you live near one of the 10 cities – from Brooklyn to Detroit to Las Vegas and a few others in between en-route to Los Angeles – you can join the action live or follow via Twitter @AcrossCharge.

What is E-Mobility?

E-Mobility showcases the world’s shift from fossil fuel to electric powered transportation. Electric mobility covers a wide range of transportation –from electric bicycles and scooters to electric-powered trucking. The market potential is huge, estimated by some to reach $718 billion by 2030.

Although it influences more than automobile manufacturing, e-mobility has been transforming the automotive industry, as many countries have set targets for the number of eco-friendly electric vehicles. Automobile manufacturers across the globe are devoting much of their R&D budgets to electric power trains, and e-mobility has fundamentally changed the way automotive companies goes about research and business. Automotive manufacturers must combine data from electric power train technologies, in-vehicle processes, and connected infrastructures to enable the propulsion of electric vehicles and fleets.

E-mobility leans heavily on analytics

As we reimagine automobile designs and infrastructure for e-mobility, it’s clear that that collaboration is vital to achieving critical mass in the emerging e-mobility ecosystem. Powerful algorithmic analytics will be one major imperative. Additional analytic goals in in this new area include:

  • Providing stats and education to potential customers about how EVs work in the real world
  • Allowing customers to better manage and control their electric vehicles by offering energy consumption analytics and charging data
  • Ramping up the EV charging infrastructure by anticipating customer demand
  • Offering personalized analytics and special rates on EVs that recharge during off-peak hours
  • Giving up-to-the-minute information on nearby charging stations and availability, all with a single portal and app

With real-time data mining key to e-mobility analytics, Vertica is happy to sponsor this first ever race of its kind. In addition to the race excitement, the event will provide more data for auto manufacturers and service companies to store, manage, and analyze in a timely manner. Keeping costs low, meeting regulatory requirements, and keeping up with demands for analytics is a key value for Vertica’s algorithmic-driven unified analytics platform.


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