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Load Balancing on Elastic Kubernetes Clusters

Your long-running sessions could fail after you deployed Vertica on Elastic Kubernetes Cluster (EKS) with Load Balancer as the service type. When the load balancer type is not specified in yaml, by default, EKS generates a classic load balancer with a default connection idle timeout of 60 seconds. The aws-load-balancer-connection-idle-timeout can be set up to...
Kubernetes and containers

Vertica on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Introduction In my previous blog, I showed you the steps to run Vertica on Kubernetes (K8s) on your laptop. That’s fine if you want to try things out on a small scale, but what if you want to run it on a larger system? In this blog, I will teach you how to deploy Vertica...
Kubernetes and containers

Vertica on Kubernetes

This blog post has been updated from an earlier one to use new features that make deploying on your own system easier. Vertica released the VerticaDB operator in August, 2021, which began Vertica’s integration with Kubernetes. The operator automates many Vertica administrator tasks, such as restarting Vertica if any of the nodes go down, upgrading...

Embed analytics in applications to transform your technology business

At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, I’ve had several conversations with developers who’ve stopped by the booth. One of the questions I’ve asked them all is, “Are you embedding analytics into your application?”

Kubernetes StatefulSets Makes Containerization of Vertica a Piece of Cake

Containerization is an idea that seems tasty and wonderful at first. Automated deployment on any platform is a particularly enticing advantage, especially for Vertica, a database with infrastructure freedom as a core principle. Fast deployment without human intervention makes containers incredibly useful, especially in environments that require dynamic scaling. And containers are small, quick to...

Join us in the Vertica Unify Developer Lounge: An interview with Vertica’s CTO Chuck Bear

Every Vertica conference provides users and big data enthusiasts an opportunity to network with their peers in data analytics. But for attendees to find the exact Vertica engineer for questions and answers, there’s nothing like the popular Developer Lounge, which returns this year at Vertica Unify 2021. It’s the place for Vertica users to meet...