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Joy King

VP Product & GTM Strategy, Vertica

Joy leads Vertica’s Product and GTM strategy, including business strategy and execution, customer and partner education, product direction, and go-to-market initiatives. Joy has spent three decades in the software industry and is a passionate believer in the power of predictive analytics and the need for every company to become an industry disruptor.

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House diagram showing sensors for lights, weather, security, internal temp, etc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Metering

Every month, my husband receives a driver’s report from Chevrolet, providing him with “feedback” on his driving behavior – everything from the intensity of his braking to the number of lane changes without a blinker to the distance and speed he drove in his Silverado truck. The report also provides specific details on the upcoming...
Diagram of Vertica compute and storage together in Enterprise Mode and storage centralized, and compute separate in Eon Mode

Introducing the Eon Mode Concept

Vertica was born at a tipping point in the world of Enterprise Data Warehouses. It was designed from the first line of code to address new levels of data volumes and analytical performance. But it was also designed to break the tightly integrated hardware and software appliances offered by industry leaders at the time including...
Machine Learning programmer in glasses looks at graphs

I Love DIY Projects

I love DIY projects. I love watching the YouTube videos, scouring the web for advice from others, and learning new skills. The innovation and creativity that’s out there is amazing! Plus, DIY projects save money, sometimes a lot of money! This past month, we decided to build our own stone patio in the backyard …...