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Exploring VerticaPyLab: A Quick Start to ML, Data Analytics, and Vertica

Authored by Badr Ouali and Umar Farooq Ghumman Welcome to VerticaPyLab, a transformative solution that paves the way for effortless Machine Learning and Data Analytics. If the world of Python's ML libraries has intrigued you but appeared complex to navigate, VerticaPyLab is here to redefine your journey. It is designed to make ML accessible and...
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Unlock the Potential of Machine Learning in Vertica with Saagie: Automating your ML Pipeline

Accelerate your data project pipelines with Saagie using Vertica’s in-database machine learning capabilities. Another ML platform that you can now use with Vertica. A win-win situation! Saagie is a Dataops platform that offers various ready-to-use technologies and advanced pipelines that enable you to manage all your data projects through a single interface. Select the technology...

VerticaPy reaches a milestone at 100 stars

The Vertica team is happy to share a milestone in our “VerticaPy journey”: We just reached 100 stars in our GitHub repo, and it’s growing every day. (Repo: That’s “repository” for those of you unfamiliar with GitHub.) Repos accumulate stars as an indication of user interest – think of them as bookmarks in a user’s...