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New Vertica Accelerator course puts your SaaS-based data analytics to work, fast

We’re happy to announce a new addition to Vertica Academy’s array of free, self-paced courses designed to put you in the driver’s seat with your data analytics initiatives. The all-new Vertica Accelerator Quick Start course has gone live today on Vertica Academy. If you’re looking for a fast track to highly performant data analytics, and...

Vertica Accelerator – Ease of Use Plus Control

In case you missed it, Vertica recently released Vertica Accelerator, our unified analytics platform delivered as a service. There are two main questions that people ask when hearing about this announcement. The first is: does it have all the same features Vertica has, or is it a scaled-down version in some way? The answer to...
SaaS cloud-based data analytics platform

SaaS, or Self-Managed Vertica? The Choice is Yours for Unified Analytics

Accurate and actionable analytics is the goal of every organization. In large enterprises with multiple business divisions, the CIO team often struggles with a wide and often uncontrolled set of analytics tools and repositories leading to multiple versions of the “truth”. When an Executive Leadership team is confronted with different recommendations from different departments based...