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Vertica Announces Vertica 11, Delivering on Vision of Unified Analytics

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Three Steps To Building Trust In Data-Driven Decision-Making

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Vertica

• ROI – 385%

• Fast Payback – <6 months

• Net Present Value – $10.1M

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Vertica Announces Early Access of Vertica Eon Accelerator

Vertica-as-a-Service Now Available via Early Access Program, Acquisition of Full360 further deepens commitment to delivering Vertica-as-a-Service

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Avoiding Cloud Database Pitfalls and Lock-ins

The critical capabilities of your next cloud analytics solution

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Vertica Analytics at Jaguar Speed

Jaguar Racing welcomes Micro Focus as official technical partner to accelerate performance on and off the track

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Data is at the heart of your growing business.

Put Vertica to work, and the data will pay you back.

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The Unified Analytics Platform

Highest performing analytics and machine learning at extreme scale.

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The World’s Leading Data-Driven Companies Rely on Vertica

The World’s Leading Data-Driven Companies Rely on Vertica

Featured Case Studies

Netcore’s AI-Engine Raman, built on Vertica, empowers the marketer with real-time insights and helps maximize marketing ROI – powered by blazing-fast analytics and highly accurate AI models.

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Vertica streamlines move to a new energy pricing model with advanced analytics benefiting all market participants.

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Vertica scales to support exponential data growth and delivers phenomenal processing and storage efficiencies.

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Vertica Returns $4.07 for Every Dollar Spent

Try Our Benefits Calculator to Find How Much You Can Save

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144% ROI
2.1 yrs Payback
$4M Annual Benefit
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419% ROI
1.3 years Payback
$3.6M Annual Benefit
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287% ROI
6 mo. Payback
$13.6M Annual Benefit
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422% ROI
2 mo. Payback
$1.9M Annual Benefit
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351% ROI
4 mo. Payback
$3.0M Annual Benefit
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270% ROI
3 mo. Payback
$339K Annual Benefit

Vertica is Positioned as A Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021

Vertica earned the highest score possible in the current offering criteria of: data types, data ingestion/loading, data lake integration, performance features, horizontal use cases, and vertical use cases.

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Latest Webcasts

Data Disruptors:

Catch Media on Cloud Repatriation – Why Move Analytics Workloads OFF the Cloud?

There’s a concept that all analytics workloads, or any other workload for that matter, are headed to the cloud. If your workload isn’t in the cloud yet, it will be soon. Contrary to this widely held belief, some analytic workloads are going in the opposite direction. A recent IDC survey showed that many CIOs are pulling their workloads back out of the cloud to on-premises, and dubbed it “Cloud Repatriation.” With Vertica, Catch Media has no problem working either on-prem or on the cloud, but there are some key reasons they’re pulling workloads back from the Cloud

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Under the Hood:

Dell and Vertica – Leveraging Cloud Technologies for On-premise Analytics

In this webinar from our Under The Hood series, join Thomas Henson, Global Business Development for AI/Analytics at Dell Technologies, and Amit Saha, Principal Product Manager for Big Data Analytics and Cloud for Vertica, as they share how on-premises object stores like Dell ECS can provide a durable data repository for Vertica in Eon Mode. The combined solution gives customers a cost-optimized on-premises architecture for modern analytic workloads at massive scale and speed.

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Modernize Data Warehousing: Beyond Performance, The Importance of Other Key Attributes

Read how McKnight Consulting Group explores factors that can reduce the costs of analytics far beyond performance, such as licensing structure, data storage, support for non-structured data, concurrency scaling, and much more.

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How AdTech firms are responding to the digital revolution with data analytics

August 19, 2021 11:00 am
America/New York

Digital advertising is in a state of significant disruption. As awareness of data privacy among the public has grown, so have measures to reign in data usage for the purpose of ad targeting. Government regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have set stricter guidelines around the collection, […]

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Become a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization – Unify Analytics and Data Science

September 23, 2021 11:00 am
America/New York

Data scientists and analysts in healthcare organizations continue to be frustrated by fragmented and siloed views of their data. Access to an organization-wide view of the data is prohibiting these companies from leveraging their existing investments in analytics and AI technology and staff. Becoming data-driven is especially critical as healthcare organizations face increased competition, growing […]

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Helpful Resources For Existing Users

Knowledge Base

The Vertica Knowledge Base provides documents about hardware requirements for your database, how to connect to  Vertica from our ETL and BI partners, and best practices guides that help you operate and monitor your database effectively.

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The Vertica Blog publishes multiple posts each week that enable you to get the best out of your database. The blog features quick tips for everyday Vertica usage, expanded explanation of specific Vertica capabilities, and descriptions of how to use the new database features in each software release.

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User Forum

The User Forum is the best place to connect with Vertica engineers and other Vertica customers to get quick answers to problems or bottlenecks you are experiencing. Many Vertica experts monitor the User Forum daily to share their expertise.

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