Vertica is a key element of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Bringing you speed without compromise, scale without limits, and the broadest consumption models.

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HPE Vertica Analytics Platform

Advanced Analytics Database, Predictive Analytics, SQL on Hadoop, Data Warehouse as a Service, Cloud Analytics

HPE Vertica Offerings

HPE Vertica Enterprise, HPE Vertica Amazon Machine Image (AMI), HPE Vertica OnDemand, HPE Vertica for SQL on Hadoop

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HPE Vertica Customer Support

Our customer experience team is focused on helping our customers obtain the greatest value from the Vertica Platform. We are dedicated to providing our expertise and understanding of your goals to ensure the seamless integration of Vertica.

HPE Vertica Community

HPE Vertica Documentation/Downloads

Access to all components of the Vertica solution, including Vertica, drivers, and connectors.