The World’s Leading Data-Driven Companies Rely on Vertica

The World’s Leading Data-Driven Companies Rely on Vertica

Vertica is Data Analytics without Limits

Analyze in the Right Place

Analyzing your data not only in place, but in the right place – without data movement – while supporting any major cloud deployment for fast and reliable read and write for multiple data formats.

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Supporting machine learning at scale to transform the way your data scientists and analysts interact with data, while removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

Freedom from Underlying Infrastructure

Future proofing your analytics with the freedom to deploy anywhere – on commodity hardware, across multiple clouds, and natively on any Hadoop distribution.

Performance at Exabyte Scale

Bridging the gap between high-cost legacy EDWs and Hadoop data lakes with signature blazing fast ANSI SQL query execution at extreme scale.

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Under the Hood Webcast Series

Vertica powers data-driven enterprises so they can get the most out of their analytics initiatives with advanced time-series and geospatial analytics, in-database machine learning, data lake integration, user-defined extensions, cloud-optimized architecture, and more.

Our Under the Hood webcast series lets you to dive deep into Vertica features – delivered by Vertica engineers and technical experts – to find out what makes it the fastest and most scalable advanced analytical database on the market.

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Data Disruptors Webcast Series

From ride sharing apps and smart agriculture to predictive maintenance and customer analytics, Vertica supports the world’s leading data-driven disruptors in their pursuit of industry and business transformation.

Our latest webcast series celebrates these Data Disruptors with insights from Philips Healthcare, Nimble Storage, The Climate Corporation, ThinkData Works and more.

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GigaOm Enterprise Roadmap: Cloud Analytic Databases 2019

According to GigaOm’s latest Enterprise Roadmap report, conventional analytical databases and data warehouse systems are becoming unwieldy due to scalability limitations, the associated large capital outlay, and administrative burden. Thanks to the cloud, analytical engines can be deployed quickly and scaled to fit without taking up space in an on-premises server room rack.

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Advanced Analytics for Intelligent Connectivity

GSMA Intelligence predicts that by 2025, 1.2 billion people worldwide will have 5G connections. Are you ready for the growth in data that will come with it?

Read this Mobile World Live whitepaper to find out how mobile operators and telecommunications services providers can use machine learning and predictive analytics as a growth engine in the age of 5G.

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NWA Tech Summit

October 20, 2019 12:00 am

Come visit our sponsor booth at the Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit!

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Tech in Motion: Timmy Awards

October 22, 2019 6:00 pm

Vertica is sponsoring the Orange County Timmy Awards! Tech in Motion is proud to present Orange County’s 5th Annual Timmy Awards! The Timmy Awards by Tech in Motion is an annual awards ceremony recognizing some of the best places for tech professionals to work in Orange County. While many tech awards are given to brilliant individuals and their technological advancements, the Timmy Awards aim to […]

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2019 Seattle DataFest: Advanced Analytics & Big Data Conference

October 24, 2019 9:00 am

This is a user community event which will feature products around Big Data, IOT and AI & ML Services on Azure.  It will provide a foundation for architecting and solidifying your Data Platform and AI strategy. This is an exciting opportunity to meet, align strategies and plan outcomes with Senior Data Leads/Managers, Executives, Data Scientist, […]

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Vertica Provides the Best Value for Performance

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144% ROI
2.1 yrs Payback
$4M Annual Benefit
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419% ROI
1.3 years Payback
$3.6M Annual Benefit
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287% ROI
6 mo. Payback
$13.6M Annual Benefit
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422% ROI
2 mo. Payback
$1.9M Annual Benefit
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351% ROI
4 mo. Payback
$3.0M Annual Benefit
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270% ROI
3 mo. Payback
$339K Annual Benefit

Helpful Resources For Existing Users

Knowledge Base

The Vertica Knowledge Base provides documents about hardware requirements for your database, how to connect to  Vertica from our ETL and BI partners, and best practices guides that help you operate and monitor your database effectively.

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The Vertica Blog publishes multiple posts each week that enable you to get the best out of your database. The blog features quick tips for everyday Vertica usage, expanded explanation of specific Vertica capabilities, and descriptions of how to use the new database features in each software release.

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Community Forum

The Vertica Forum is the best place to connect with Vertica engineers and other Vertica customers to get quick answers to problems or bottlenecks you are experiencing. Many Vertica experts monitor the Forum daily to share their expertise.

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