Vertica gives us the flexibility to tackle Big Data. With Vertica, our organization is ready for the challenges retailers are facing – from Big Data to next-generation analytics

  • - Bruce Yen, Director, Business Intelligence, Guess?, Inc.

In modern data infrastructures, data comes from everywhere. Business systems like CRM and ERP, sensors used to gather machine-generated data, tweets and other social media data, Web logs and data streams, gas and electrical grids, and mobile networks to name a few.

With all this data from so many places, companies often face challenges in simply storing and managing these volumes, never mind performing analytics at scale on that data. To manage the volume, velocity, and variety of the data, newer, more innovative Big Data analytics platforms have emerged to keep up with the sheer size and complexity. From predictive maintenance and customer retention to financial compliance and network optimization, enterprises that embrace Big Data analytics platforms are changing the dynamics of industries from retail to healthcare to telecommunications to energy and beyond. Increasingly, organizations are supplementing or replacing their legacy enterprise data warehouse with the Vertica Analytics Platform for these reasons.

See how Vertica provides better performance, financial savings and rapid ROI compared with legacy Enterprise Data Warehouses

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287% ROI
6 mo. Payback
$13.6M Annual Benefit
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351% ROI
4 mo. Payback
$3.0M Annual Benefit
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419% ROI
1.3 years Payback
$3.6M Annual Benefit
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422% ROI
2 mo. Payback
$1.9M Annual Benefit

The Benefits of Modernizing your Data Warehouse

Manage Huge Volumes of Data at Exabyte Scale

You are likely looking to scale limitlessly to store or manage massive volumes of data. Today, the scale may be gigabytes or terabytes. Tomorrow, you may be thinking about petabytes or even exabytes. Vertica delivers a simple, yet highly robust and scalable MPP SQL analytical database for the masses with linear scaling and native high availability. Infinitely and easily scale your SQL analytics solution by adding an unlimited number of commodity servers.

Deliver Faster Analytics

Users don’t want to wait for results. Your analytical database should provide the scalability to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) and demanding timeframes for executing a query. With Vertica, you can gain insights into your data in near-real time by running queries 50x faster than legacy enterprise data warehouses Because operations that took days now take hours and hours now take seconds, your analytics team can be more productive and answer business-critical questions on the spot.

Integrate with Existing BI, ETL Tools

If your Big Data analytics relies on extract, transform, load (ETL) tools or SQL-based visualizations, your analytics platform should provide robust and powerful SQL and also be certified to work with all of your tools—not just those from your primary vendor. This enables users to preserve years of investment and training in these technologies because all popular SQL programming tools and languages work seamlessly. Leading BI and visualization tools are tightly integrated, such as Cognos, Looker, MicroStrategy, Tableau, and others and so are all popular ETL tools like Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, and more.

Complementing Open Source Innovations

With an ecosystem friendly architecture that supports Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Python and more, Vertica brings enterprise level Big Data analytics to your open source projects. Vertica SQL on Apache Hadoop® offers the fastest and most enterprise-ready way to perform SQL queries on your Hadoop data. We’ve leveraged our years of experience in the Big Data analytics marketplace and opened up our platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster. Users can perform analytics regardless of the format of data or Hadoop distribution used.

In-Database Advanced Analytics

Depending upon your use case, it may be important to look at the depth of built-in SQL analytical functions offered by your analytics engine. You have to look under the hood to see exactly what SQL analytics are offered under these volumes, never mind performing analytics on that data. Vertica offers a robust and ever growing set of advanced in-database analytics and Machine Learning functions and algorithms so that you can conduct the analytics computations closer to the data, and get immediate answers from a single place without the need to extract information to a separate environment for processing.

Vertica helps to optimize health information solutions

The Challenge:

  • Ensure the Cerner Millennium suite provides the rapid response and overall performance customers have come to expect
  • As more and more health care providers around the world began using Millennium, Cerner’s legacy data warehouse solutions was not able to process the volume of data as quickly as it needed to

The Solution:

  • To improve efficiency and quality of patient care by speeding analysis of system performance timers and client workflow data, Cerner Corporation moved from an existing general-purpose database to the Vertica Analytics Platform

The Result:

  • Analysis for a client’s 6 million performance timers reduced from 20 minutes to 20 seconds – a 6,000% improvement
  • Concurrency raised to more than 450 simultaneous users
  • SLAs kept through more proactive management of Millennium hosting environment
  • Ability to scale analytics capabilities as demand grows
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The Vertica Analytics Platform delivers the speed and massive scalability we need to maintain the high levels of service availability and system performance clients deserve.

  • - Bill Graff, Senior Vice President, Cerner Technology Services