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Setting Session Authorization to Troubleshoot

There are possible scenarios in which a dbadmin would want to run queries as another user to troubleshoot or test. You can use SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION to impersonate another user and run queries. Let's understand this with an example. Here we create a user named test, resource pool named userpool, and make this a default...
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Default Custom User Resource Pool

In Vertica versions 12.0.4 and later, you can set a default user resource pool for all users instead of defaulting users to a general pool, using the DefaultResourcePoolForUsers configuration parameter. How to set it? As a dbadmin user, create a user resource pool. The pool name can be used to configure the DefaultResourcePoolForUsers option. In...
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Do You Need to Put Your Query on a Budget?

Before we scare you away with the word "budget", rest assured that after reading this blog, you won?t have to give up your favorite activities or sell your car. What you will be able to do is understand how Vertica resource pool parameters affect query budget.