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Setting Session Authorization to Troubleshoot

There are possible scenarios in which a dbadmin would want to run queries as another user to troubleshoot or test. You can use SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION to impersonate another user and run queries. Let's understand this with an example. Here we create a user named test, resource pool named userpool, and make this a default...

Classified: FAQs on Access Policies

In Vertica 7.2.2 we?ve added more security features, including a row-level access policy option. Combined with our previously existing column access policy, Vertica verifies that your data is more secure than ever.

For Your Eyes Only: Using Vertica Access Policies

Everyone knows there?s virtually no limit to the amount of data you can store, manage, and query in Vertica. But you may not be aware of how easy it is to control who sees what in your database. In this blog, Alexey Kireyev, the lead security developer for Vertica, explains how you can use the...