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Gary Gray

Principal Information Developer

I've been an information developer (technical writer) at Vertica for over 9 years. I've covered many different areas of Vertica in that time including client libraries, SDK, Kafka and Hadoop integrations, and Eon Mode.

When I am not writing about Vertica, I tinker with old computers and am an occasional amateur chocolatier.

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Vertica Test Results for MDS Security Patches

Several customers have asked us how Intel's recent MDS vulnerability patches will impact the performance of their Vertica databases. Vertica is known for its performance. So, anything that may impact its speed is a major concern for both us and our customers. Vertica engineers have finished a round of testing the OS and microcode fixes...

What’s New in 9.1: Voltage SecureData Integration

Vertica Version 9.1 introduces a new integration with Voltage SecureData. This feature lets you use encryption to protect sensitive data within your Vertica database. It works within your existing database schema and clients. You can even automate data decryption. This automation makes decryption transparent and removes the need to change your existing SQL queries. What...

What’s New in Vertica 8.1: the Connector for Apache Spark

The Vertica 8.1 release includes updates for the Vertica Connector for Apache Spark. The biggest new feature is Apache Spark 2.0 compatibility. This makes the connector compatible with the version of Spark included with most recent Hadoop distributions. In addition, the connector supports multiple versions of the Scala programming language. Most Hadoop distributions that support...

Installing Vertica SQL on Hadoop

Interested in adding Vertica's analytic capabilities to your Hadoop cluster? Watch this tutorial video to learn how you can install Vertica on Hadoop, giving it faster access to your data!

Introducing the Developing Vertica UDxs in Java Tutorial Series

What is a Java UDx and why would you want to develop one? Check out our new tutorial series in the wiki to find out!