Introducing the Developing Vertica UDxs in Java Tutorial Series

Posted September 30, 2015 by Gary Gray, Principal Information Developer


Have you seen the new tutorial series about developing Vertica UDxs in Java? So far, we’ve published two parts:

Part one covers:

  • What is a UDx?
  • Why you would want to develop a UDx?
  • How do you develop a UDx?

This first tutorial sets the stage by explaining how to set up your development environment. It shows you how to install the Vertica Java SDK plugin for Eclipse. This plugin assists you in developing UDxs by providing context-sensitive help within the Eclipse IDE. It also contains wizards that generate the skeletons of your functions for you.

Part two shows you how to develop a UDSF, a type of UDx that acts like a built-in function such as SIN or REGEXP_LIKE. This tutorial and its accompanying video shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Develop a UDSF in Eclipse.
  • Deploy it to test database.
  • Use it within a statement.

Future tutorials will cover:

  • Other types of UDxs.
  • How to debug your UDx.
  • Incorporating third-party libraries into your UDx.