We set up Vertica quickly, in less than 48 hours. It was capable of working within our complex process, rendering information from various sources into a format to be understood by the analytical tools, and providing an appropriate action as the result.

  • - Rajeev Batra, CIO, MTS India Telecom

Society becomes more connected daily; SMS, MMS, video on demand, email, and basic mobile conversations are a few examples of the countless ways people interact electronically.

The number of subscribers to mobile, fixed-line, and cable communications services is growing by millions of people every year. And the volume of CDR, IPDR, subscriber profile information, network probe, and machine-to-machine data that communications companies must store and analyze is growing year over year. This enormous growth in connectivity and data creates new challenges and opportunities for the organizations that manage these complex networks.

The key features of the Vertica Analytics Platform create an innovative architecture for high-speed, cost-effective analysis of large volumes of network analytics data. Partitioning by column, extensive use of compression, and in-database Machine Learning algorithms —all these Vertica features—reduce the I/O required to execute queries.

Top Vertica Use Cases for Communication and Network Analytics:

Call Detailed Records (CDRs) Analysis

CDRs contain a wealth of information such as the length of a call, number called, whether the call was dropped or not, etc. These create petabytes of valuable data that your business can analyze to develop targeted promotions that attract and retain new and existing customers, reducing abandonment and increasing profitability.

Network Performance Analysis

To retain customers and gain a competitive edge over peers, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) collect and analyze vast amounts of data from switches and networking equipment, as well as customer internet usage, applications, billing systems and more,. CSPs analyze billions of usage records to understand the overall health of their network, and identify areas to improve the performance and reliability of their networks. Vertica enables these organizations to analyze billions of network records in near real-time using familiar SQL commands to obtain actionable information in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.

Capacity Management

Anticipating network constraints and actively managing capacity is a critical component to success in the communications industry. To deliver the highest quality service, organizations must understand load patterns on their network, how new services impact bandwidth, and what additional capacity might be needed under future scenarios. With Vertica, CSPs store and analyze data over extended periods, making trend forecasting easier and more accurate, and allowing them to make deployment and capital decisions with more confidence.

4 Steps to Drive Customer Lifetime Value and Gain Real-Time Behavior Intelligence

In today’s competitive content services space traditional telcos, content owners and content distributors must compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and others to attract and retain customers.

Watch this Data Disruptors webcast to hear how Catch Media is helping traditional players drive revenue and gain deep customer insights so they can compete in the new world of cord-cutting and over the top and digital content technologies.

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From Big Data to Knowledge: Value Chain for Communication Service Providers

Big Data and advanced analytics create an opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to cultivate intelligence for operating networks more efficiently, analyze the success of their services, and create a better personal experience for customers.

Read this white paper to understand the complete value chain that can transform CSPs’ data to knowledge. It covers the sources of information, data collection tools, analytics, and finally, the most prominent business use cases emerging among CSPs and telecommunications companies.

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Improve network security with Vertica and Lancope solution

The Challenge:

  • Ability to detect anomalous activity within enormously complex, global network – including 16,000 switches and 10,000 routers

The Solution:

  • Leverage Lancope StealthWatch and Vertica Analytics Platform to monitor network 24/7 and enable quick detection of network anomalies

The Result:

  • Able to monitor and quickly analyze network’s 150,000 flows/second, providing comprehensive actionable information on network activity
  • Fast detection of abnormal events helps minimize potential damage by allowing security teams to act more quickly
  • Solution uses already-installed network devices to perform data collection, minimizing monitoring costs

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If you multiply hundreds of thousands of transactions per second by months of data, and then you have to make sense of it and do analysis on it, there are not many products in the market that can handle that volume of data. The Vertica Analytics Platform does a great job for us.

  • - Sunil Amin, Director of Research and Development, Lancope