The world is entering into a new era of ultra-connectivity, as more people and devices than ever before tap into operator networks and come online.

The number of global users connected to the mobile internet topped 3 billion in 2017. By 2025, GSMA Intelligence forecast that figure will grow by more than 1.75 billion to reach a total of 5 billion. This enormous growth in connectivity and data creates new challenges and opportunities for the organizations that manage these complex networks.

And with the advent of 5G, entirely new user experiences and a more intelligent kind of connectivity will emerge. Is your organization ready?

Top Vertica Use Cases for Communication and Network Analytics:

Call Detailed Records (CDRs) Analysis

CDRs contain a wealth of information such as the length of a call, number called, whether the call was dropped or not, etc. These create petabytes of valuable data that your business can analyze to develop targeted promotions that attract and retain new and existing customers, reducing abandonment and increasing profitability.

Network Performance Monitoring

CSPs analyze billions of usage records to understand the overall health of their network, and identify areas to improve the performance and reliability of their networks. Vertica enables these organizations to analyze billions of network records in near real-time using familiar SQL commands to obtain actionable information in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.

Capacity Planning and Management

To deliver the highest quality service, organizations must understand load patterns on their network, how new services impact bandwidth, and what additional capacity might be needed under future scenarios. With Vertica, CSPs store and analyze data over extended periods, making trend forecasting easier and more accurate, and allowing them to make deployment and capital decisions with more confidence.

“We initially chose Vertica because of its superior performance and query speed, but we now realize there is so much more we can do. Vertica’s machine learning capabilities will help us analyze network performance, predict capacity constraints, and ensure the best quality service to our customers.”

  – Alfonso Lara, IT Director, Maxcom Telecomunicaciones

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Advanced Analytics for Intelligent Connectivity

GSMA Intelligence predicts that by 2025, 1.2 billion people worldwide will have 5G connections, enabling entirely new user experiences and a more intelligent kind of connectivity.

Read this Mobile World Live whitepaper to find out how carriers can take advantage of this ultra-connectivity and the era of 5G using predictive analytics and machine learning to correlate network, user, device and application activity for greater customer gains and operational efficiencies.

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4 Steps to Drive Customer Lifetime Value and Gain Real-Time Behavior Intelligence

In today’s competitive content services space traditional telcos, content owners and content distributors must compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and others to attract and retain customers.

Watch this Data Disruptors webcast to hear how Catch Media is helping traditional players drive revenue and gain deep customer insights so they can compete in the new world of cord-cutting and over the top and digital content technologies.

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With Vertica, Sysmech gives telcos on-the-spot information and operational intelligence to optimize their networks

The Challenge:

  • Drive entirely new approach to network management based on metadata from every element of the network

The Solution:

  • Vertica Analytics Platform

The Result:

  • Provides data from 35-75+ network interfaces for use in resolving network issues
  • Affords 80-90% in hardware operational savings versus running data loads on traditional databases
  • Supports Zen software’s alarm reduction capability by providing real-time data, which enables 80-90% reduction in alarms

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"We needed a reliable platform that doesn't require a lot of management. Vertica is our principal fixed-data store. There is no better platform on the market for managing real-time network data that doesn't change but is targeted at analytics."

  • - Andy Stubley, Chief Operations Officer, SysMech Ltd.