No matter your industry focus or use case, Big Data analytics helps you become more efficient, increase profits and better adapt to a changing environment.

Packed with powerful features for harnessing the value from all your data, Vertica is the high-performance SQL analytics database trusted by the most cutting edge data-driven enterprises to transform customer engagement, fraud detection, network analysis and more.

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Scalable, SQL compliant time-series database

Taking time series analytics to the next level

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Embedded Analytics

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Communication and Network Analytics

Optimize network performance and capacity planning

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Fraud Monitoring and Risk Management

Navigate the complexities of risk analysis and regulatory compliance

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Data Warehouse Modernization

Derive maximum value from your enterprise data warehouse with a much lower total cost of ownership

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Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Unlock the massive potential of sensor data

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Customer Behavior Analytics

Understand and engage your customers at every turn

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