Big Data Analytics: Huge Growth Opportunity for OEM Software Developers

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Vertica Embedded Analytics: Purpose Built for OEMs

Businesses that embed Vertica stand out from the competition and deliver higher value to customers. Specifically designed for analytic workloads, Vertica’s blazing fast speed and performance, advanced analytics, ease of deployment, and support for data scientists make it tailor-made for embedding.

From data monetization to customer retention to compliance to traffic optimization, enterprises that embrace this emerging technology are changing the dynamics of business in every vertical market. All of this brings a major opportunity for OEM software vendors, which can profit by creating analytic data management features or entirely new applications that put customers on a faster path to better, data-driven decision making.

Applications “powered by Vertica” provide unique insights enabling software providers to charge more and form a more intimate customer relationship. Read more about how embedding Vertica can help you to create a high-powered solution in any industry.


Vertica Database Security Requirements Guide (SRG)

Selling into the federal space? Trying to get an Authority to Operate (ATO) or get listed on the DoDIN APL? Or perhaps you just want to ensure that the way you’re deploying Vertica is secure. The Vertica Database Security Requirements Guide (SRG) enables OEM customers to ensure secure Vertica deployment and configuration. Mapping so many government requirements to a specific product to achieve compliance can be challenging. This guide provides configurations and mitigations for Vertica to meet all Database SRG v2r9 requirements. Use this document as a guide for installation and administration of Vertica when deploying within the DoDIN or in any high security environment.

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Vertica OEM Solutions


Better monetize and retain subscribers through quality of service and targeted content delivery. Read how Anritsu saved $3M on their EDW


Drive more real-time supply and demand, fraud, demand response and asset management.  Learn how Enoro powers utility analytics.


Provide more real-time price and inventory management. Learn how SkyIT improved query performance with Vertica.


Recommend the best doctors and diagnoses on the clinical side and enable hospitals to operate more efficiently on the operations end. Read about Cerner’s ability to optimize patient care.


Operate more proactively in detecting anomalies and ensure effective endpoint security. Learn how Cyberbit uses behavioral analysis to detect and respond to threats.


Better understand the customer base and where to invest time and resources. See how customer experience insights drive new business advantages for Attensity. See how customer experience insights drive new business advantages for Attensity.

Vertica OEM Hardware Sizing Guide

Vertica is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database designed to run across a cluster of similar nodes. These nodes should be identical. However, in some cases that is not possible. For example, if you expand a cluster that was originally purchased more than two years prior,the nodes are probably not identical. In that case, configure the new system with the same number of cores, at the same or faster speed, with the same amount of memory and disk space for each node.

When specifying hardware for your Vertica cluster, there are several important issues to take into account.

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Should you embed a NoSQL Database?

The default today is an open source, NoSQL database. But that may not always be the right choice. There are many issues to consider: type of data, workloads, analytics, scalability, culture, etc. To help guide your decision, Eckerson Group has created a white paper that explains the pros and cons of embedding NoSQL and commercial analytics  databases

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Vertica Startup Accelerator

The Vertica Startup Accelerator is a program for early-stage companies and OEM partners that are racing to build best-in-class Big Data solutions. This program allows startups to tap directly into the power of Vertica when building data analytics solutions for their customers.

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