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Vertica Interns Develop Real-World Business Solutions

It is a rare opportunity for interns at Vertica to be assigned to the same project. This summer, three interns have been working closely with the Partner Engineering team to build a data generator.

Intern Lunch with Vertica GM

Last week, the interns had lunch with the General Manager, Colin Mahony. The lunch started with everyone introducing themselves, and we've come to know that Colin impressively remembers everyone's names. We shared lunch over a casual round-table discussion. We even got to enjoy a slice of cake afterwards.

A Day in the Life of a Vertica Intern

When I set out to find an internship for the summer, I was afraid that I would inevitably end up in a position where my primary responsibility was to fetch coffee. Fortunately for me, my first day on the job at Vertica proved that this would not be the case.