Intern Lunch with Vertica GM

Posted July 12, 2016 by Nkritikos

by Nick Kritikos

My name is Nick Kritikos, and I?ve been working as a technical writing intern for Vertica for about a month now. In that short time, I have come to learn just how valuable the community is here. For Vertica interns, the so called ?higher ups? aren?t just a name and a face. We are given the opportunity to actually sit down and get to know the people who have made Vertica what it is today.

Last week, the interns had lunch with the General Manager, Colin Mahony. The lunch started with everyone introducing themselves, and we?ve come to know that Colin impressively remembers everyone?s names. We shared lunch over a casual round-table discussion. We even got to enjoy a slice of cake afterwards.

Colin opened the discussion by telling us about his career prior to joining Vertica, the history of the company, and how Vertica has managed to stay a cut above in a competitive industry. Colin took questions from many of the people in the room, both interns and full-time employees. Questions ranged from how Colin?s experience has shaped his role in Vertica to what Colin thinks the future will hold at Vertica.

Colin expressed that much of Vertica’s success is due to the team behind it. He told the interns, “You simply can?t have a good product without a good team.” However, serendipity also played a small role in the history of the company. Colin shared an amusing anecdote about a big sale. A member of Vertica was meeting with prospective customers who happened to be huge Yankees fans. As luck would have it, the salesman found none other than Alex Rodriguez sitting at the bar near them. He seized the moment to ask A-Rod to come over and meet everyone. Naturally, he sealed the deal.

I am grateful to be working in an environment where all members of the organization are valued. Vertica is a place where all members, from interns to GM, can share ideas? and the occasional slice of cake.

Colin Mahony (center) with Vertica 2016 interns and intern mentors