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Quick Tip: Replacing non-UTF-8 Characters

Vertica database servers expect to receive all data in UTF-8 and Vertica outputs all data in UTF-8. However, you can load or insert data into Vertica that is non UTF-8, but you'll want to clean it up. I used to recommend the REGEXP_REPLACE function for that task, but now there is a better way! Vertica...

Are Your Columns too Wide?

This tip expands on the earlier post on encoding and compression at Checking and Improving Column Compression and Encoding When you have millions to billions of rows, data type becomes a bit more important: even an extra 10 bytes per row across a huge data set will impact storage or performance (or both!). When I...

Checking and Improving Column Compression and Encoding

When working with terabytes of data, storage and transfer become major time and cost sinks. Vertica can help minimize storage cost and transfer time with column compression and encoding. How can we identify Vertica tables that might benefit from compression? Information about column size and current compression is stored across column_storage and projection_columns table. The...

Encode Projection Columns with Zstandard Compression: Quick Tip

Vertica 9.2 now supports the Zstandard Compression Encoding Type which offers higher compression than the BZIP and GZIP Encoding Types! Helpful Link: Have fun!