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Soniya Shah

Information Developer

Currently, a first year law student with a background in science and technology. Experienced technical writer, with specializations in software documentation, big data, blog development, and website development. I build user-centered content to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

I used to work for Vertica full time for about 3 years. I still work at Vertica part time while going to law school.

Update: Soniya is now doing her law internship, and no longer working at Vertica. Good luck, Soniya!

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Updating UDx Projects: Syncing the Vertica Plug-in for Eclipse with New Vertica Versions

The Vertica SDK Plug-in for Eclipse version 7.1.2 creates UDxs that are compatible with Vertica version 7.1.x. By replacing two files ( and VerticaSDK.jar) in projects created with this plug-in, you can update your project to work with newer versions of Vertica. You get the replacement files (/opt/vertica/sdk/ and /opt/vertica/bin/VerticaSDK.jar) from your currently installed Vertica...

Crowd-sourced Reviews Compare Oracle, Vertica, and Others

This blog post was authored by Steve Sarsfield.  Crowd-sourced reviews are becoming more and more important in our lives. When you’re thinking about going to a new job, you check out Glassdoor. If you’re heading out to dinner, you check out Yelp. When buying online, the reviews on Amazon are not only informative, but sometimes hilarious....
Modern Database Analytics

LDAP and User Accounts

This blog post was authored by Soniya Shah. If you are a database administrator, you probably need to authenticate users in Vertica. There are many methods users can use to authenticate, including Ident, Kerberos, LDAP, and hash. This blog walks you through the steps to take if you want to authenticate some users using LDAP...

Grace Hopper Celebration

Every year, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing spotlights women in STEM fields. We're glad to say that Microfocus was a corporate sponsor at the 16th annual GHC this year in Houston, Texas. 15,000 people attended. 14,000 of those attendees were women!

Vertica Volunteers at East End House

Read this blog to learn more about how the Vertica team is giving back to the local community!

Customize Your Security Authentication in Vertica

Learn more about authentication methods in Vertica.

Meet our 2016 Summer Interns!

Our interns had an exciting summer at Vertica. Watch the video to learn more!

Building Bridges with Gumdrops and Toothpicks

In June 2014, the Vertica summer interns headed to the East End House in East Cambridge, MA to work with students through a community service project. Sarah Perkins, a business planner on the Project Management team, organized the project. Since 1875, the East End House has offered innovative programs to the community and continues to...