IBM Cloud Object Storage


IBM Cloud® Object Storage is a software-defined hyper scale storage solution which runs on premises or in the cloud. This industry-leading storage solution integrates with data on the edge, in your data center or in the cloud.  IBM Cloud® Object Storage excels at availability with up to 99.9999% availability and up to 99.9999999999999 (15 nines) of durability.  With local or Geo-dispersed erasure coding to maximize efficiency and IBM patented Secure slice with S3 object lock, IBM Cloud Object Storage can provide a secure solution for petabytes (PB) to exabytes (EB) of data. Vertica Analytics Platform EON mode architecture leverages the many proven benefits of IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (COS) system. In Eon mode, computational processes are separated from the communal (shared) storage layer, object storage, which enables flexibility and optimization of both compute and storage scaling. Vertica customers are able to spend less and get more sustainable value from their investment with IBM COS.

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