Businesses are looking for Solutions to their problems and not just another product platform; this is where DAAS LABS’ unique position is creating a differential value proposition. DAAS LABS is a hybrid company that is taking advantage of the disruptive convergence of Data and Analytics Services and Platform - A company that is Servware (Services and Software) in the true sense. We help Clients build Data Fabric that is extensible, usable, and auditable. Once the fabric is in place, we help our clients deliver business insights using our self sever capabilities or custom solution via Services engagement.

At DAAS LABS, we boast of a strong team of 100+ data experts working on emerging technologies to build innovative products and solutions. We work together with our clients and partners to study the inherent needs of the organization and bringing in the best long term solutions for their needs in technologies such as AI/ML, NLP, NLU, Video AI, Python, RPA, AR/VR & a combination of these.

Gaining from 1000 + Years of Collective intelligence of Data we have worked across industries and segments, for finance, healthcare education, BFSI logistics & e-commerce. We work extensively on Artificial intelligence, Natural languages, Deep learning, and Machine learning. We discover & assess the current portfolio of the Client’s services and products to identify opportunities and use cases for data-driven solutions. We Create a Business Case Preparation; define Data/Information Architecture, Build Implementation and Support Services to meet business case benefits. Furthermore, we embed data-driven decision making into the organizational culture of our clients; set up a performance management framework to measure and track benefits realization plan.

Our key differentiation is the unique blend of functional, technical and business acumen. Data & Analytics Services Labs (DAAS LABS) collaborates and works in areas such as Digital Strategy, Data Strategy, Digital Transformation and Data Analytics, by providing expert solutions in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML), Natural Language, Computer Vision (both Video AI and Imaging), IoT, and Process Automation (RPA) and AR/VR.

Till 2020 we have had 20+ Happy Clients, 100+ Strong Team Members, Serving Cutting Edge Technologies across 6 Sectors. We have started working on computer vision, Augmented reality and Virtual reality to add some fun in our lives. We would love to have tigers and giraffes roaming in our offices while our AR team works on some other really serious stuff too.

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