As medical technology advances and the world’s population eclipses 6.8 billion people, the volumes of data surrounding patient care, insurance claims, prescriptions, etc. is growing at a staggering rate.  In an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of their associated services, companies in the healthcare ecosystem require new, innovative solutions to not only address the volume and complexity of their data but do so in near real-time.

Healthcare Data Challenges

Our customers and partners are using the Vertica Analytics Platform to tackle a range of healthcare data challenges, including:

  • Identify initiatives to benchmark growing claims and membership data
  • Load massive amounts of data while concurrently analyzing diagnostic, medical and prescription claims data
  • Identify the drivers of critical healthcare variables relating to cost, utilization, performance and quality for plans and employees
  • Develop predictive models that aid plans and employers in proactively identifying and planning for improved cost and quality outcomes
  • Detect fraudulent claims and collusion among Doctors, Hospitals, and Pharmacy Benefits Managers

Leveraging the Vertica Analytics Platform our healthcare customers and partners derive a number of benefits relating to capacity management, performance, scalability, and availability, including:

  • Optimized capacity management and retention of raw detailed data rather than summarized views or roll-ups
  • Performance improvements of 50x – 1000x at 30% the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their legacy systems
  • The ability to analyze disparate medical and pharmaceutical data while creating a holistic diagnosis
  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness of healthcare programs while reducing their associated costs